The dogs listed on this page have found their forever homes!

Julio – 1 yr Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Julio is a stunningly beautiful boy who came to us a year ago. He is just over a year old now. He was adopted and then returned due to a family issue and through no fault of his own. He is a very sweet boy who is quite sensitive. He LOVES other dogs and would excel in a home with another dog to help [...]

Pepe – 6.5 yr Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Hi, do you know what a good life ACDR offers up - I have first hand experience!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Pepe.  I am 6.5 years old, happy, responsive to your every command.  I'll run to you when you call my name.  I have impressive house manners if I do say so myself. I love taking ride [...]

Wimpy – 1 yr Male ACD ADOPTED

Wimpy is a 1-year old male, handsomely blue, all heeler heart and mind, and full of promises. He’s extra-motivated and will do almost anything once he senses an aromatic meaty treat nearby.  If he were an Olympian, Wimpy would win a gold medal in the decathlon. Not only is he extremely strong for hi [...]

Lollipops – 4 month old Female ACD/Catahoula Mix ADOPTED

Say hello to Lollipops. This young lady is a mixture of ACD and Catahoula. She is a real sweetie who adores her foster family as well as her foster brothers, even though sometimes they think she is a bit of a pest because she wants to play, play, play! She is respectful of the resident house cat as [...]

Oboe – 2 Year Old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Oboe came to our rescue, as a stray after an accident. The shelter sought a safe knowledgable foster home for her to recover in. While her breed was a mystery, she was “Cattle dog enough” for us to jump at the opportunity to help her out. She has healed up beautifully, and integrated very well into [...]

Jolly Rancher 9 month old male ACD ADOPTED

Hello folks! I am The Jolly Rancher. I’m just your typical cattle dog, except I am extra sweet and always happy. I am a 9 month old, fully vetted, neutered male, and balanced in my personality. I love to play outside, and I’m naturally curious about the world. I’d love to have a kiddie pool, but a l [...]

Roxie 10 month old female ACD ADOPTED

So, you say you want a lively new friend?  Maybe a watch dog?  A friendly girl that is all about kisses & is as cute as can be?  Please meet Roxie.  This little lady is an ACD mix, 25 lbs, has a short tail that wags all the time and is 10 months old.  She has the personality of a Jack Russel Ter [...]


Bandit was taken out of a shelter with severe glaucoma. Our wonderful vet took care of the irreparable eyes, neuter and polished up his pearly whites. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his stocky little body. He has lived with other dogs, and little kids. As he recovers, he is getting a little bossier [...]

Brumby 5 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Brumby is a whirlwind, a lover, and a couch potato all rolled into one black and white (with a tiny touch of brown) package. He adores playing with his siblings as well as with his older foster brothers, except when they get too rough and then he prefers in sit back and watch the fur fly. He is shar [...]

MartAnne 5 month old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

MartAnne - female, born 10-1-2019:  MartAnne’s proud and tall ears are the strongest signs of cattledog in this litter; she is a smart and bold girl who loves people and dogs. Don’t be fooled by her super-serious appearance; she is a silly dog!  She plays nicely with her litter mates and with the ad [...]

Karma 5 month old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Karma – female, born 10-1-2019:  Karma is a loving, sweet and reserved girl who is content to join the fray or watch it from the sidelines.  Karma is camera-shy and her beauty must be experienced in person! She plays nicely with her litter mates and with the adult dogs in her foster home. She has me [...]

Josephine 5 month old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Josephine – female, born 10-1-2019: Josephine loves a good chase and a rowdy wrestle with her sibs and a nice cuddle with her foster mom.  She plays nicely with her litter mates and with the adult dogs in her foster home. She has met pre-teen children and loved them.  She has never met a cat.  She’s [...]

Brix 5 month old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Brix – female, born 10-1-2019: Brix is an outgoing girl with lots of love to share.  She plays nicely with her litter mates and with the adult dogs in her foster home. She has met pre-teen children and loved them.  She has never met a cat.  She’s comfortable in a crate and is working on her housetra [...]

Biff 5 month old male ACD Mix ADOPTED

Biff – male, born 10-1-2019:  Big Biff is a lover and a cuddler. His mom is a cattledog and his dad is unknown.  He plays nicely with his litter mates and with the adult dogs in his foster home. He has met pre-teen children and loved them.  He has never met a cat.  He’s comfortable in a crate and is [...]

Lady 2 year old Border Collie mix ADOPTED

Found in the pouring rain in San Tan Valley, this young gal was lost & alone. She is a ‘lucky’ lady because she landed in the loving arms of ACDR! She is 35 lbs, agile, runs like a deer, loves attention & loves wagging her long tail. She is semi-cuddly with her own mind when to snuggle. We d [...]

Louise 3.5 year old female ACD Mix *ADOPTED*

Louise is sweet, energetic and affectionate with her people. However, she is not perfect. She has been working on her fear issues along with having serious trepidation’s regarding new people or dogs. Louise has been adopted twice in in her short 3 years of life. She has been working hard with her fo [...]

Barkley 5 month old male ACD/BC mix ADOPTED

This rambunctious boy loves to play! Full of puppy energy, he loves to interact with another dog or fun toys. His favorite things are belly rubs and snuggling, he thinks cats are fascinating (especially when they move!), and he’s eager to please. Quick to notice the next new thing to play with, Bark [...]

Bo Duke 5 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

If you love to snuggle this is the kid for you! No, seriously you must love to cuddle on the couch, on the floor, on a hike, in the bathroom! Okay maybe not quite that much but Bo will want to cuddle you everywhere you go. He is the absolute sweetest boy and has not met anyone or anything he doesn’t [...]

Rosco 7 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Rosco “pee” Coltrane is a medium sized, silly, bumbling boy who unlike the character he’s named after is a loyal and honest young man. We think he might have some hound in his heritage but don’t believe he’ll get as large as a hound. Rosco likes to have playful furfriends and enjoys snuggling with h [...]

Miles 10 month old male ACD ADOPTED

If you are looking for a fur baby that loves to ‘lean’ on you - Miles is your boy. Miles is healthy (41#), eager to please and fun loving! He goes for rides with no fussing in a vehicle. Miles has a sweet, inquisitive face that looks like he is asking, ‘what’s up’? He is pretty much a real gentleman [...]

Gulliver 10-12 month old male ACD ADOPTED

Gulliver’s world travels brought him to the doorstep of one of our volunteers. He was hopelessly lost, frightened, and alone so he laid down in the bushes just outside the front door and waited for a kind hand and a good meal. Well, he had unknowingly picked exactly the right place to rest. Our volu [...]

Larry 9 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Larry, Larry, Larry - A true gem of an Australian Cattle Dog who is charming, independent and social beyond belief, he makes friends wherever he goes. He is petite at 35#’s, muscular, has a short tail, and alert to everything going on around him. One of his most, I mean, most favorite things is to g [...]

Braveheart 2.5 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Special placement. Please read complete bio. Regal, majestic, stately. All these describe Braveheart. So do the words goofy, happy, funny, loving. Braveheart is all these things and more. At 2 ½ he has been through a lot in his short time on earth. Braveheart came to rescue in dire need of medical a [...]

Bunny 10-12 month old female ACD ADOPTED

 Wild! Hilarious! Spaz! Energetic! A pinch of Crazy! Lover! Sweet! Did I mention a little crazy? Bunny is this pint size powerhouse that is looking for her best friend, like a cartoon with heart eyes popping out of her head! She wants to be doing something all day every day, so her best friend bette [...]