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Bette – 1-year-old female ACD ADOPTED

Bette is a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog. She is a little over a year old and is in perfect health. She is SUPER sweet, affectionate and full of energy! She LOVES to play catch, and wants as much of your attention as you are willing to give. She loves cuddles and will not hesitate to ask for atten [...]

Mr. Peanut 8-10 month old male ACD ADOPTED

Mr. Peanut might be on the smaller size, but that doesn't stop him from keeping up with the big dogs! He loves to run and play with his foster siblings and friends and but understands when they've had enough. A good game of fetch will always make him happy. He can be vocal when he wants attention fr [...]

Joey Muttafuoco – 4-month-old male ACD x terrier ADOPTED

Meet Joey Muttafuoco! A handsome guy, with an estimated birthdate of 5-15-17. Joey is an entirely pleasant fellow who adores every dog and person he meets - young and old, small and large, girl and boy. He hasn't met any cats while in rescue, but he met some goats and thought they were wonderful! Jo [...]

Sammy Dogis Jr. – 1-year-old male ACD ADOPTED

Hi there. My name is Sammy Dogis Jr., but you can just call me Sammy. I’m just a young guy, about a year old. I was busted out of a shelter where I had been waiting for more than a couple months for someone to come visit me and think I’m adorable. Well, that happened, finally, and I busted out of th [...]

Johnnie Walker 2yr old male Border Collie mix. ADOPTED

Johnnie’s markings and intelligence are very much BC, but his easy-going demeanor and size, at a lean 65 pounds, comes from an unknown breed/mix.  Johnnie has a few special qualities, and in the spirit of full disclosure, his potential new family needs to know the following: while out in public, Joh [...]

Thatcher Lee – 4-5-year-old male German Wirehaired Pointer Dog ADOPTED

Okay, I confess: I am a German Wirehaired Pointer (?) and I am thrilled I landed in the loving arms of ACDR. Some things are just meant to be! I am a fun & funny guy who you will quickly learn to love. I like all my foster mates (have not met cats), new people are good, and a fast run is fabulou [...]

Coorah 2 year old female ACD *Special Needs* ADOPTED

Meet Coorah. This petite girl is all Australian Cattle Dog at heart. She is bright, sweet, alert, wants things under control and has no problem telling you when something is amiss. Coorah picks up new tasks quickly like a doggie door, loves to go for rides, gets along with all dogs (big & small) [...]

Maya Rose 4-5 month old female ACD/hound mix ADOPTED

Hi. My name is Maya Rose and met my foster mom and dad when I was just eight weeks old. I was teeny tiny then but I’m getting to be a big girl now. I weigh in at almost 25 lbs and I’m growing like a weed. I have learned a lot while I have been here, like if I sit I get treats faster than if I stand [...]

Natalie Bowl 1 year old female ACD mix ADOPTED

HI, I’m Natalie! I am a ball of energy that loves the outdoors and hiking. I am a great hiking buddy with excellent recall, I like to be with my peeps you see. I'm eager to learn new skills, and quickly pick up on new commands. I easily get along with children and other dogs. If you’re looking for a [...]

Rick 10 month old Hound mix ADOPTED

Rick is a big-hearted, goofy boy! No, he isn't an official cattle dog. But sometimes ACD stands for Any Cute Dog, and Rick fits the bill. Rick is a big softie - inside and out. He loves for his person to stroke his head and ears, which is easy to do because he is always right next to you, and he fee [...]

Willow Barkley 1 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Willow is a super sweet and gentle young girl. She is gentle and patient with toddlers. She likes to play all the time and can be a little pushy when trying to get her foster sister to play. She backs off quickly though when it is made clear this is not the time for playing. She is learning quickly [...]

Dog Quixote-5 month old male ACD/Terrier Mix ADOPTED

Dog Quixote is an exceptionally sweet and calm fellow. Discovered under a car at a gas station in Northern Arizona, truly he was born to be an example of misfortune. But his faint cowdog spots earned him a spot in ACDR's heart and he is now able to turn his fortune. Quixote is available for adoption [...]

Lacie Roo-7 month old DEAF female ACD ADOPTED

Hi there - My name is Lacie Roo and I am happy to have caught your eye. Please, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am about a 7-month-old Australian Cattle Dog with a spirit of a sweet girl, the energy to play & play, and a high sensitivity to your commands and wishes. I watch you & check [...]

Skooter 5 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Hi my name is Skooter. I am happy you stopped by to chat. I have landed in the loving arms of ACDR and I couldn't be happier. During my 5 years of life, I have blossomed into a real love bug, a great & respectful house mate, and have learned wonderful recall response. I have a short tail that of [...]

Shiloh 6 month old female ACD ADOPTED

Shiloh 6 month old female ACD Shilo is a sweet girl who loves all other dogs and is a huge snuggle bug! Shilo is full of puppy fun and is ready for her very own forever home! She is smart and learning new things every day. She knows how to use a doggy door too. Shilo is 90% housebroken, crate traine [...]

Mimi – 4 year-old female Mini Australian Shepherd ADOPTED

Mimi is 36 pounds of boundless love and energy. She was originally purchased from a miniature Australian shepherd breeder. At about 21 inches at the shoulder, she's a bit too tall to be classified as a mini, and too short for a standard Aussie, which makes her the perfect mid-sized Aussie! Mimi bond [...]

K’Ehleyr – 6-month-old female ACD DEAF ADOPTED

K'Ehleyr is a reserved and demure little girl who tempers bouts of sweet friskiness with long sessions of cuddling. She is good with women and men and toddlers. She plays nicely and respectfully with her puppy friends and with the adult dogs in her foster home. She has given a cat good respect and s [...]

Cerulean “Rue” 14 month old female ACD ADOPTED

Cerulean "Rue" is a 14 month old female.  She is very active and would really like an active brother or sister who's into playing as much as she is.  She does well with her foster brothers and sisters, big and small, but can sometimes play a little rough.  She is crate trained and sleeps quietly in [...]

Sam Elliott-9 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Sam Elliott is a cuddly, submissive, goof-ball who loves playing, snuggling and more playing.  At about 9 months old he weighs in at 52 pounds and still growing. Elliott loves to learn and is all about pleasing his person.  So far, his recall is excellent and will turn on a dime when his name is cal [...]

Archer 4 month old male ACD ADOPTED

Meet Archer, a handsome guy with a dashing personality. Archer is quite the independent fella. He is just as happy to hang out with the family as he is to find a comfy spot on his dog bed to relax. Archer loves chasing balls, though he doesn't quite get the part about bringing it back, and he is an [...]

Pip 4 month old female ACD Available 5-3-17 ADOPTED

Pip is a high energy and high drive girl in a petite package. She loves toys and is getting good at fetch and tug. She's a little reserved, but warms up quickly and is eager to let her personality shine. She's very food motivated and a quick learner. She's great off leash, though still needs to lear [...]

Louise 4 month old female ACD ADOPTED

These two sisters show the spunk and zest for life just like their namesakes.  In the beginning, Thelma was outspoken and Louise was the quiet one.  Now that they've grown together, Louise isn't afraid to be heard.  These two are quick learners and will sit before you give them their food.  They're [...]

Thelma 4 month old female ACD ADOPTED

These two sisters show the spunk and zest for life just like their namesakes.  In the beginning, Thelma was outspoken and Louise was the quiet one.  Now that they've grown together, Louise isn't afraid to be heard.  These two are quick learners and will sit before you give them their food.  They're [...]

Spike – young male ACD, date of birth 11-7-2016 ADOPTED

This outgoing, funny and sociable fellow is is an easy and pleasing companion. He is good with kids and other dogs; isr opinions on cats are unknown. He is respectful of horses. Spike is crate-trained and 80% house-trained and fully vetted. He is currently located in Scottsdale, AZ. The first step t [...]