The dogs listed on this page have found their forever homes!

Mahomes – 5 Month Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Mahomes was named BEFORE the Super Bowl, so imagine our relief when KC actually won. And he’s aptly named at this point, as he’s going to be built like a football player. We also have submitted a DNA test and awaiting the results. He is a wonderful boy, who was picked up in Flagstaff crying and alon [...]

Ringo – 1 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Are you ready for 25 pounds of pure cattle dog boy? If so, meet Ringo! Approximately a year old, he was rescued from a shelter in Northern Arizona, this sweet boy is all play during the day, and all cuddle at  night. He loves toys and playing chase and wrestle with his foster brother,  but in the ev [...]

Daisy – 10 Month Old Female ACD Mix *ADOPTED*

Daisy is a young girl at 10 months old and absolutely adores people! She is playful, sometimes a little too playful, with other dogs, but she is not an Alfa dog, by any means. She takes correction from her foster mates in her current home very well. She is currently living with an indoor cat (who is [...]

Hawkins – 1 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Do you like to party? Hike? Run? Do triathlons before breakfast? Hawkins is your guy!! Hawkins is just a tad over 1 yr. His birthday is 11/8 and he is a LOVE! He is an active boy that benefits from stimulation especially exercise. But he also settles really well, and is content to just chill with hi [...]

Willow – 4 Month Old Female ACD ADOPTED

Hello, my name is Willow. As you can see from my photos, I am just the cutest little ACD you have ever met. At least, that’s what my foster family tells me every day. I am very much a happy puppy, at 16 weeks old. I am learning new things daily. I am pretty much crate trained, with just an occasiona [...]

Koda – 2 year old Spaniel Corgi ADOPTED

KODA Sweet dog needs to be rehomed due to family health emergency Spaniel Corgi Neutered Male 2 years old 25 lbs Eager to please and easy to train House trained Koda lived with a two year old child and was wonderful. But he can be possessive of balls, and grabbed it from a 12 year old too energeti [...]

Schroeder – 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab *ADOPTED*

Schroeder - 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab   Schroeder is a party animal!  He loves to play, wrestle with the others dogs-he is always looking for his next adventure. He is very outgoing.  Nothing slows him down.  His tail is always wagging-and it moves his whole body.  We wakes up happy every day! E [...]

Woodstock – 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab ADOPTED

Woodstock - 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab Woodstock is ready for adoption! What can I say about Woodstock –he’s almost perfect! Woodstock is ready for his next adventure. He is sweet happy, and a lover of a guy!  He is a sensitive guy-he loves to please! He plays well with others. Or he’s just as happy h [...]

Sally- 10 Month Old Female ACD/Border Collie Mix *ADOPTED*

Unfortunate fact- black dogs often are overlooked but are just as loving as the dogs of a different color! Say hello to Sally. She is a 10 month old ACD/BC mix who is energetic and just a lover. She came into rescue at 6 weeks old with two sisters and two brothers and has lived in her current foster [...]

Rio – 8 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Sweet Rio is a middle-aged gentleman, at 8 yrs. old. He has impeccable house manners, sleeps in the same room with his 3 foster siblings with no issue. He’s started trying to play with our female Chiweenie. Rio was with his previous owner his entire life, and well cared for. He knows some tricks and [...]

Scully – 5 1/2 Month Old Female ACD *ADOPTED*

These two cattle dogs were clearly abducted by aliens, only to return to earth changed forever.  Mulder is the leader with Scully always close behind, they go everywhere together.  They love sniffing out new mysteries and tasty treats when not napping to recharge.  Mulder and Scully are crate traine [...]

Mulder – 5 1/2 Month Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

These two cattle dogs were clearly abducted by aliens, only to return to earth changed forever.  Mulder is the leader with Scully always close behind, they go everywhere together.  They love sniffing out new mysteries and tasty treats when not napping to recharge.  Mulder and Scully are crate traine [...]

Texas Red – 2 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Texas Red walked out of the Dragoon hills, not far from the “Texas Canyon” rest stop on I-10 and onto a small ranch where a lovely lady took him in so he could rest and relax for a little while. He was clean and seemed to be well fed so we don’t think he was alone for a long time, but he was terrifi [...]

Peppermint Patty- 3 Year Old Female ACD *ADOPTED*

Peppermint Patty is a wonderful ACD who came into rescue with 5 4-week old puppies. She has been an awesome mom to her brood but her job is now done and it’s time for her to move on to her forever home. She is a looker, indeed, with her blue coat and her “floofy” tail, waving in the breeze. She is c [...]

Cooper – 4 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Cooper is Super Duper! Sweet, energetic, and very eager to please, he is equally happy to hang out with you relaxing or playing a rousing game of fetch. Truly a dog who has it all, Cooper is approximately 4 years old. He gets along with other dogs but is equally happy having his people all to himsel [...]

Dave – 1.5 Year Old Male ACD ADOPTED

“All my life I've been searching for something Something never comes, never leads to nothing Nothing satisfies, but I'm getting close Closer to the prize at the end of the rope” Dave was a stray in Nogales and wasn’t doing so well finding his own groceries. He thought maybe he was on the “long road [...]

Sugar Cookie- 1-1.5 Year Old Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Hello. My name is Sugar Cookie but my foster family calls me Sugar or Sug most of the time. They are really awesome folks who have been helping me to relax and recuperate since last December. When I met them I had a severely broken hind leg that could not be fixed because it was an old injury and ha [...]

Jubilee- 1 Year Old Female ACD ADOPTED

Jubilee is a 1-year-old red and white, spayed cattle dog mix that is up to date on all her shots and is looking for a forever home with lots of love to give. She is small to medium size with an adorable face and deep brown eyes. She is very quick and always moving, but when she settles down next to [...]

Miss Maggie- 8-9 Month Old Female Border Collie Mix ADOPTED

Miss Maggie is an 8-9 month old border collie mix, still very much a puppy at 33 pounds.  She likes to play hard and sleep hard.  She knows how to use the dog door and is housebroken.  At night, she sleeps on her bed in the bedroom, but loves to snuggle on the bed with you in the morning.  She is cr [...]

Concho – 3-4 Year Old Male ACD ADOPTED

Say hello to Concho! A real gentleman, Concho likes nothing more than quietly curling up on his blanket and hang with his people. But don’t let that low key demeanor fool you, this boy is a natural born athlete-whether catching a ball in midair, or making Frisbee catches like you’ve never seen, Conc [...]

Cruz – 3-4 Year Old Male ACD ADOPTED

Cruz is a 3-4 year old boy. Weighing about 45 pounds. He is fostered near Carefree Az. He is very attached to his person. He has lived with various other dogs and gets along well with everyone. He’s learning indoor manners very well. He was likely mostly an outdoor dog, but is fully enjoying being i [...]

Bobbed Dylan- 6 1/2 Month Old Male ACD ADOPTED

I’m Bobbed Dylan, folk hero, and 6 1/2 mo old male, fully vetted red heeler. I’m staying with two senior dogs at my foster home, and they sure do lay around a lot. I like them, but they can’t quite keep up with my energy. I’m a firecracker, ready to run, and learn some new moves. I’m very sweet and [...]

Betty Spaghetti- 4-5 Year Old Female ACD ADOPTED

Betty was a wonderful surprise! She was just hanging out at the shelter when our President went to pull another dog,and there she was! So she was scooped up and brought into our fold. Betty is about 4-5 yrs old, and she is deaf. She is very attached to her person, so she’s never too far away to see [...]

Cheddar – 9 Month Old Male ACD mix ADOPTED

Are you looking for an all in one whirlwind, snuggle bug and a couch potato? Then I’m your boy! My foster parents call me “Cheddar” because I love cheese and because I have a “cheesy” smile! I will almost always greet you with a polite play bow-before trying to start a game of tug of war! I view eve [...]