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Olive 2-3 year old female ACD mix ADOPTED

We named Olive in reference to the Olive branch for peace and the name suits her perfectly! She is a very affectionate lil girl. For the past 3 months, Olive has lived with other dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, horses and goats. She is peaceful with all of them, though she doesn’t interact much with the [...]

Sally 7 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED

Salt and Pepper Sally has a personality as beautiful and unique as her markings. She is sure to wiggle her way into your heart as quickly as she did with her foster family, both human and canine. This sweet girl finds happiness cruising by your side in the woods, playing with her dog friends, or lay [...]

Peak 7 month old male ACD/Border Collie mix ADOPTED

 Peak is a lovely mix of ACDR and Border Collie! Boy, Peak has proved himself to be a great companion! He is quite an easy-going dog and will listen when he is disciplined. He is a master on leash and will not roam too far unless curiosity got the best of him. Don’t fret! He will come right back whe [...]

Rosie -1 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Sweet Rosie is the star of the show wherever she goes. She loves meeting new people and her tail is always wagging behind her. Rosie loves to snuggle and rewards anyone who pets and loves her with so, so many kisses! She is eager to learn any new command and happily takes treats in exchange. She is [...]

Sandy 1 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Sandy is a love sponge!  She would spend all day with her head in your lap if you would let her. She loves toys, balls are the best and she knows to only chew on her toys and not your shoes. She is great with other dogs of all ages and sizes. Sandi is a quick learner, really easy to train and respon [...]

Danny 1 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Danny is your typical ACD who’s sweet, smart, and loyal. He loves everyone he meets! He loves to play with any toy really but balls are his favorite and is happy to throw it for himself. Danny is a snuggler and will close his eyes and cherish every special moment with his people.  Danny is eager to [...]

Linus 10-12 month old male ACD “Special Placement” ADOPTED

Linus, the wonder dog is a gorgeous young man with the world at his feet! His happy face belies the not so happy start he had in life. Linus came from a hoarding situation where he apparently was the low boy in the pecking order of the pack. He was afraid of everything and everybody so to counter hi [...]

Hot Shot – 1.5 year old female ACD ADOPTED

This girl's name is Hot Shot, so named since she was found lingering around a firehouse in Southern Arizona. Now she is living the good life and finding her way into the heart of everyone she meets. Hot Shot is a little spitfire of a tripod (missing right front leg) who would love a family of her ow [...]

Missy 1 yr Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Missy is an active, happy, loving girl. She gets along well with people, dogs and horses. She loves being the center of attention, and listens attentively to direction from her human, even when she is busy busy busy doing something she loves and is learning new obedience commands every day. Even tho [...]

Topaz 4 month old female Hound/Bully breed/ACD ADOPTED

Topaz is a spunky and intelligent little girl who wants nothing more than to be with her people,,,and maybe a chew toy. Her expressive eyes convey the playfulness that lives inside. She is athletic and has energy typical of a puppy. She absolutely loves children and especially loves belly rubs and c [...]

Ruby 4 month old female Hound/Bully breed/ACD ADOPTED

This girl loves nothing more than to run and play with anyone who is willing! She loves to be the center of attention though she’s not pushy nor demanding. She has a great respect of others and would do well in just about any situation. Ruby is sure to be the apple of her new homes eye! Ruby is 80% [...]

Onyx 4 month old male Hound/Bully breed/ACD ADOPTED

This handsome, charming young man looks like his dad and has many of his bright, fun and enjoyable qualities. He’s gonna be a big boy with tons of love and humor to offer his new family! He LOVES his people as well as his furfriends. Onyx would love to have a family who appreciates his goofy and boi [...]

Diamond 4 month old female Hound/Bully breed/ACD ADOPTED

Diamond is a sweet and smart pup. Diamond loves to cuddle and snuggle with her people. She loves children and other dogs showing no fear. She hasn't learned that older dogs may not have patience for her yet, but she's learning. Diamond is being fostered with her sister, Topaz, and loves to play with [...]

Hufflepup- 1 1/2 yr old Male Australian Shepherd ADOPTED

Hufflepup, though not a cattle dog, is a handsome 18 month old male, tricolor Australian Shepherd.   Weighing in at only 28 pounds, Hufflepup likely won’t get much taller, but he will fill out and gain a few pounds. He’s socially appropriate with both male and female dogs, loves people and readily a [...]

Supai 5 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Supai is a very cute, loving, and cuddly blue cattle dog.  Supai is such a great partner.  He loves to hike, play, cuddle, go on road trips, hang out at home, watch Netflix, and swim.  His name is Supai because he has a beautiful blue color like the Havasupai waterfall in The Grand Canyon. Supai is [...]

Dessert Jewel 1.5 year old Hound/ACD mix ADOPTED

Hello - Thank you for stopping by to learn who I am and what I am all about. My name is Desert Jewel - I like DJ for short. My other life before ACDR was not the best it could be. However, I am a healthy and happy girl now. I did experience becoming a mother and I am very proud of my babies that are [...]

Starbucks 1 year old female ACD mix ADOPTED

Starbucks - 1-year-old female ACD mix Hi I'm Starbucks aka Koda. I'm really just a pup at heart. My foster mom says I'm the snuggliest pup she has ever met! ! I'm also very gentle with my toys; plush toys are my favorite! I don't chew them up, I just love on them a lot! Sometimes I hide under my fos [...]

Smiley – 1-year-old male Red Heeler/Hound Mix ADOPTED

I’m Smiley, and if you want to meet me, you need to guess how I got my name. Ha ha, just kidding. I’m that kind of goofball. Though I won’t usually flash my pearly whites until I get to know you, I still keep a smile on my face most of the time. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I love playing, snacking, sm [...]

CeeCee – 1.5-year-old male ACD ADOPTED

CeeCee is not only a handsome 1.5-year-old boy, but sensitive as well. He is lively and energetic and would make a good walker or jogger buddy. CeeCee is happy to be in rescue and enjoying life, especially loves snuggling with you. He is improving & making good progress with leash walking and ho [...]

Lefty – 9-month-old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Lefty is the most loving, happy dog you will ever meet. He wants nothing more than to cuddle with his favorite person on the couch and watch TV. He is a Velcro ACD mix and he is about 9 months old. His life hasn't always been hugs and kisses. When he was a few months younger something bad happened t [...]

Luna – 1.5-year-old female ACD ADOPTED

Please meet Luna, she is a happy girl and sure to bring smiles to you. Luna is spirited, active, loves life, and an all-around good girl. She gets along with other dogs, adult humans - not sure about kids or cats. Luna girl would benefit from training classes and the experiences they provide. She is [...]

Ballspice 4 month old female ACD/BC mix ADOPTED

I'm the smallest, sweetest little girl of the group and when I first came to my foster home, I was absolutely shy, hidden in a thick shell. After warming up to my foster parents and learning that I can stand up to my siblings, hiding in a shell is a thing of the past! I do shy away if I'm unsure of [...]

Pawsley 4 month old male ACD/BC mix ADOPTED

I'm bold, determined, observant and mischievous! I'm also driven and courageous. I'm the second smallest of the pack, smallest of all males as well but that doesn't stop me from being a feisty one! I am sure that I am what you would expect of a cattledog! Pawsley is crate trained, 75% housebroken an [...]

Muttmeg 4 month old female ACD/BC mix ADOPTED

I'm a funny little girl who is outgoing and sociable. I love being the center of attention and will be extremely gracious to any attention that is singled on me. A family with as much activity as cuddle time is what I wish for. Muttmeg is crate trained, 75% housebroken and fully vetted. She is curre [...]