Meet Pepsi, an 8 month old female Catahoula mix that is a little shy when she first
meets a new person, but comes around rather quickly and is then curious. We are
guesstimating that she is of Catahoula/ Hound lineage as you can see in her photos.

She would benefit greatly from being fed in a slow feeder bowl as she has a tendency to
gobble her food as soon as it is put into the bowl. Another good idea to slow her down
would be to provide her with food puzzles where she would have to figure the puzzle out
before she could get a treat from it. She eats while watching her foster and her foster
has not yet determined if this is just interest or a little resource guarding behavior that
the adopter will need to work with her on. Families with older, dog savvy children (10 and above) with an interest in Pepsi are great as well as adopters with no children.

She lives with other dogs in the home. She has not been exposed to cats in her foster home so we do not know what her reaction will be but we can tell you that she watches the quail in the area quite intently.

She is treat motivated so should be very receptive to continued training. “Will work for treats” is her motto and her mantra. She is a smart girl and is willing to learn, calm, athletic, and can jump! She will need to have an area with fencing about 6 ft high as she jumps on the top of her dog house in
the dog run and looks over the top of the kennel wall.
She is fully vetted, house trained, leash trained, and ready for her next great adventure.
She is currently being fostered in Wilcox, AZ.

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