Have you been searching for the perfectly discreet restroom escort? Someone who will lavish love on you at any given moment. Someone you can share all your secrets with, and will NEVER share them?

Grits is your guy! Because he’s deaf, your secrets are safe! This stunning boy is about one year old, and 34 lbs.  He’s the very definition of “blue glue”. He is a sweet and loving boy. A stay-at-home person would be his ideal love connection.

He has the cutest little back legs too! Whether an old injury, or a congenital issue, his back legs are a little bowed. Our Vet thinks it’s nothing that should hamper a full, happy life. He runs with wild abandon in the yard.  He has the most beautiful tail as well.

His foster home has 4 other dogs and he’s perfectly fine with them, big and small. Cats are unknown. His foster has been working on basic hand signals with him as well, “no, ok/ good and come here”.

He had likely never set foot in a home before being rescued. He is now crate trained, although he’s not a fan.  If you’re not home and he is in his crate he will bark. He sleeps all night in his crate quite nicely. He’s picking up on the whole “living inside” deal like a rock star.

Grits LOVES toys. He can be a little possessive of toys with other dogs. We assume he never had anything of his “own”.

Grits is a very special boy to his foster family, and they are looking for the perfect situation for Grits.

Grits is housetrained, neutered, and fully vetted.

He is currently being fostered in Carefree Az.