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Holiday Notice:

The holidays are upon us and we here at ACDR would first like to thank all of our hardworking volunteers for a year filled with many great rescue and adoption stories! Because their hard work and dedication many lives have been positively changed forever!
As a way to recognize the hard work and dedication of our volunteers we would like to give back in giving them some uninterrupted time with their families and friends. Rescue work often takes time away from the most important people in our lives. We want our volunteers to be able to spend this most special time of the year with those who have sacrificed with them.
ACDR will be “closed” to the public Dec 18th thru Jan 1st. We will not be processing applications, scheduling home visits or visits with the dogs during this time. Applications will be kept on file and we will be processed in the order received.
We will be periodically checking this email but our responses will be very limited. We are not able at this time to intake any new dogs as our foster homes are all currently full. If you have found a stray please contact your local shelter.
Thank you for your understanding and patience during this very important time of year! All of us here at ACDR wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays! We hope that you too take this time to spend with those who are most special in your lives!
We hope you are all well and enjoying the hoiday season!!
Thank you,


Lorina Lopez


The ACDR Application Process

Our process includes but is not limited to: Submitted Application, Personal Interview, Home Visit and Reference Interviews. You must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

az cattle dog rescueThe first step is to submit an Adoption Application. One of our volunteers will process the application and someone will be in touch with you within 1-3 days. Please remember we are a volunteer-based rescue and at times it may take longer to contact you.

You’ll have a phone interview with one of our experienced volunteers. The purpose of this interview is to better acquaint ourselves with you and you with us. You will have an opportunity to learn more about our placement procedures and ask any questions you may have about us in general.

Next you will be notified on which of our volunteers will be calling to schedule your home visit. The purpose of a home visit it to ensure that your environment is safe, secure and appropriate for an ACD. Please note that we assess each home individually. We have placed dogs with people who live in apartments, full time RV’s, rural and suburb homes as well as ranches. Each application is special in its own way and we assess them as such.

**SPECIAL NOTE: In the event of out-of-state adoptions, we have special protocols in place to work with such applicants.

If Your Home Already Has Dogs

If you already have dogs in your household, please be advised that before any adoption is finalized your dogs must be introduced to the ACD of interest. This allows all dogs involved a chance to interact with each other to ensure a good fit in the home. **Special note: We do not adopt to homes with unaltered pets unless there is a medical or other acceptable reason for ownership of a non-altered pet. We will require proper documentation from your vet in such situations.


We require references on all adoptions. References are called during this application process. The references you provide will be asked to share with our volunteer how they know you as a pet owner in general. Are your animals a part of the family, are they socially acceptable and well looked after, and are their needs properly meet?

Application Process Time Frame

OUR APPLICATION PROCESS FROM SUBMISSION TO APPROVAL GENERALLY TAKES 1-2 WEEKS. It is highly recommended that you start the process as soon as possible even if there is not a dog you are currently interested in. Once you are approved you stay in our system as approved. You MUST be an approved applicant before you meet our dogs, this is why we recommend becoming pre-approved. This process does not obligate you to adopt from us.

We require a signed adoption contract, and payment arrangements of adoption fee before your new ACD can go home with you. We regularly send dogs home on “sleep overs”. We understand that sometimes you and the dog may need more than an afternoon together to know if it’s a good fit. This is especially helpful when kids or other pets are involved or when the dog being placed is on the shyer side.

Adoption Fees

arizona cattle dog rescue
ADOPTION FEES ARE: $250 for up to the age of 5;  $200 for over the age of 5

Fee is non-refundable.

  • We do not ship our dogs. You must provide any/all transportation needed.
  • We do not adopt out intact dogs–ALL of our rescues are spayed or neutered prior to placement.
  • We do not adopt to homes if the dog will be exclusively an outside dog.
  • We are NOT a first-come/first-serve rescue. We reserve the right to refuse any application. Our first priority is the dog.

How We Contact You



Your application is important to us! Please EMAIL US with any further inquiries

Thank you, we look forward to working with you.


Adoption Application

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