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Owner Surrender FAQ

Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue receives their dogs from many different situations. We mostly get them from shelters here in Arizona and sometimes from shelters in surrounding states. We also receive dogs from homes who can no longer provide for them or people who found an ACD and, after trying every avenue to find their home, have not been successful and need to place the dog.

Because ACDR is a foster-home-based rescue, our ability to intake dogs is dependent on space available in our foster homes. We do not have a facility or shelter to drop dogs off at nor do we board our dogs. Because dogs in shelters are at the greatest risk of euthanasia, we try to save any openings we have for those in the most danger which means we do not usually have opening for owner surrenders.

Using our Petfinder page

petfinderWe do however have other ways to help! The most popular way we can help is to courtesy post the dog on our Petfinder page. The dog MUST be spayed or neutered before we can post it. If the dog is not spayed or neutered we can help with that. When a dog is courtesy posted on our Petfinder page it is posted as such, a courtesy. The dog is not part of ACDR’s system: we do not process applications on these dogs nor do we do any other type of evaluations. It is up to the owner to screen potential adopters and adopt the dog out.

Dogs who are courtesy posted get the same exposure on Petfinder that our own dogs do. The average time a dog is in foster care is 4-6 weeks and we are told that this is also the average time it takes courtesy-post people to find a home for their dogs. This is not a quick fix but it is the safest way to advertise a pet needing a home.

Another way we can help is to share the dog’s information with our partners to see if any other rescue may have an opening. It is up to the owner to follow up with any potential rescue offering to help.

Get help with training

We also have relations with several trainers throughout Arizona and highly recommend you contact a reputable trainer to see if you and your dog simply need help seeing eye-to-eye on expectations and that you are realistically meeting the needs of your pet so that it can, in turn, meet the needs of your family. If you would like a list of trainers we recommend, please EMAIL US with your location in AZ and we will send you any information we have for your area.

What to do when in need of re-homing your dog

Cisco KidIf you are in need of re-homing your dog and think a courtesy post is what you would like to do, please send us an EMAIL with the following information:

  • Dog’s name
  • Age
  • Spay or neutered or not
  • If not, let us know where you are located and we will send you information on clinics in your area that we work with and can have the procedure covered by ACDR.

Please understand that we approve these courtesy surgeries on an individual basis and will need to communicate with you further before approving:

  • A short biography about the dog, its personality, its ability to get along with other dogs, people and other pets, and any special needs it may have.
    Please include the reason you are looking to rehome your dog.
  • Photos of the dog. Please send 2-3 pictures, preferably taken outside in a nice setting. Photos should show the dog’s face and body, and should portray its overall personality. Please refrain from sending in photos that include people or unpleasant surroundings. These pictures will be what the public sees on Petfinder.
  • Lastly, please include the city the dog is located in and the personal contact information you want posted publicly in the Petfinder post.

For all email requests, questions and information, please use the Contact Us form