Rosco 7 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Rosco “pee” Coltrane is a medium sized, silly, bumbling boy who unlike the character he’s named after is a loyal and honest young man. We think he might have some hound in his heritage but don’t believe he’ll get as large as a hound. Rosco likes to have playful furfriends and enjoys snuggling with his humans as well as his buddies. He’s got a shy side and can be hesitant with new things but with a gentle, confident leader he is eager to learn and enjoys new adventures. Rosco will do well in just [...]

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Miles 10 month old male ACD ADOPTED

If you are looking for a fur baby that loves to ‘lean’ on you - Miles is your boy. Miles is healthy (41#), eager to please and fun loving! He goes for rides with no fussing in a vehicle. Miles has a sweet, inquisitive face that looks like he is asking, ‘what’s up’? He is pretty much a real gentleman in the house for a young one. Miles is fun & funny - the puppy stage still shows how fun they can be while experiencing new things along the way. Recall while romping in the yard is fantastic! He [...]

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Gulliver 10-12 month old male ACD ADOPTED

Gulliver’s world travels brought him to the doorstep of one of our volunteers. He was hopelessly lost, frightened, and alone so he laid down in the bushes just outside the front door and waited for a kind hand and a good meal. Well, he had unknowingly picked exactly the right place to rest. Our volunteer took him in and notified the local authorities, shelters and Vet offices of his whereabouts. Sadly, no one stepped forward to claim him as their own so he became a genuine foster dog and what a [...]

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Daisy 2 yr old female ACD mix ADOPTED

Daisy is a confident dog that is ready for adventure! She enjoys meeting new people and LOVES to play with other dogs.  Daisy is active, curious, obedient, and extremely smart! Daisy’s perfect day starts and ends with some form of activity (such as a walk, run, some dog play time, or a game of fetch). She likes getting out to socialize and is well mannered on walks. Daisy is a great companion at dog-friendly establishments and has done well meeting adults and children in public. At home, she lov [...]

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Sapphire Blue 1 yr old female ACD ADOPTED

My peeps call me “Sapphire”, or sometimes “Little Girl”, and, every once in a while, they call me “GET DOWN”, but I like Sapphire the best. I ran afoul of the law in extreme southern Arizona and was arrested for vagrancy but some nice folks came and bailed me out and took me to their place to rest and relax for a while. I have met some real nice foster brothers who sometimes will play with me. I really like to play! They’re older than I am so they don’t like to play for as long as I want to. It [...]

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Sedona 7 month old female ACD ADOPTED

Sedona has a big personality and loves to be with her people! She wakes up every day just waiting for a new adventure of the day to embrace! Sedona is always happy, does fabulous with other dogs and is good with kids.She takes correction well from people and other dogs. Favorite things are playing ball, swimming and being with her people. Sedona is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Scottsdale, AZ. The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to submit an ap [...]

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DuQue 1 year old male ACD ADOPTED

DuQue (Dog-ee) is a stunning red head who loves, loves, loves his people. He likes nothing more than exploring, causally running & stretching his long legs, and most alert to Mother Nature - bird watching in particular. DuQue is well behaved in the house but if allowed, would ‘counter surf’. He gets along well with all dogs that love to play, not sure about cats. DuQue would enjoy and benefit in a family with one or more fur-kids. He still has lots to learn about being a well-coordinated boy [...]

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Magnolia 3 year old, female ACD mix ADOPTED

Magnolia aka Maggie is quite the looker with a long bushy mostly white tail. Maggie is a bit shy, yet does warm up very, very slowly to other fur kids. Warms to humans quickly. Her favorite things include neck scratches, romps down thru the yard, and love from her people. Maggie has a great foundation of obedience training, and walks well on a leash and has great recall ability. She has impeccable house manners, no crate required and nothing disturbed while alone. Don’t let her petite stature fo [...]

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Harvey 2-3 year old male ACD mix, tripod ADOPTED

Harvey is just a big lug-nut of a guy! He’s sweet, sensitive, very cuddly and has medium energy for an ACD mix. He loves car rides, going to new places and meeting new people and furfriends. Harvey has great house manners and can be left out n about with no accidents and he doesn’t eat the furniture (ha!) Harvey would be OK with or without another dog in the house. He’s not much of a player with other dogs but he seems to enjoy the company of other friendly, calm furfriends. Harvey just likes to [...]

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Echo 5 month old male ACD mix (?) ADOPTED

Echo is a true water baby- he’ll jump in and lay down for an extended soak! He likes playing water polo with a tennis ball in the pool. He is a beautiful red sole who is gentle but initially a little wary when someone picks him up for hugs.  Echo is and 50% house trained, 75% crate trained and fully vetted. He is currently located in Rio Rico, AZ   The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to submit an application. It in no way obligates you to adopt, it is simply part of our process. If the [...]

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