Lion – 5-month-old Male Acd/Border Collie/hound (?) mix ADOPTED

LION IS PENDING ADOPTION The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to submit an application. It in no way obligates you to adopt, it is simply part of our process. If the dog you are interested in is adopted before you can meet them or if we do not currently have a dog you are interested in we still encourage you to go through the approval process. Then you will be pre-approved and ready to adopt when a dog does come along that you are interested in.   [...]

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Candi 6 month old female ACDR mix ADOPTED

Candi squishy, sweet and cuddly cattle dog "mixed with something" puppy. She learned how to use the dog door quickly, and loves to play with her litter mate, Mandy. If you have a warm shoulder, she'll gladly rest her head on it and let you snuggle her while she falls fast asleep. Playful and cute, gentle with older dogs and people, she is one loveable pup. She has gotten along with everyone she meets, including other dogs, children out in public, and men and women. Candi is 90% housebroken, crat [...]

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Mistletoe- 10-12 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED

Three days before Christmas this little lady was found playing happily among the Christmas decorations on a strangers front lawn. She found the blow-up figures to be just too much fun! We think she’s just the nicest, sweetest, friendliest little dog you could ever lay your eyes on. She weighs in at just over 20 pounds and we do not expect her to get much bigger than this. It appears that she is ACD and small hound mix but she is quiet as a mouse, no baying here. She needs some work on her leash [...]

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Olaf (aka Ollie) – 4.5 – 5 month old Cattle Dog Mix ADOPTED

Ready for adoption first week in February: This Frozen pair of pups will melt your heart! Ollie is a happy-go-lucky goofball looking for the best day of his life. This crazy canine is definitely worth melting for with his boundless energy, athletic ability (he can climb over a 3 foot fence), and sharp wit. Ollie is a pup who will need kind, but firm rules and would love to be given a job, though play is his middle name! Ollie is a bit full of himself with his older foster siblings and tries to p [...]

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Carlotta 3 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Miss Carlotta is truly a character. She is a neat, tidy little package of a gal weighing in at 39#’s. Carlotta is long on snuggles and cuddles, a long tail, and plenty of spunk. She has great house manners, fabulous recall, and is a bit mischievous. She is a nester - which means if you are missing something you should check out her stash. Carlotta rides well in a vehicle and can take a bit to warm up to new folks - she takes a wait & see approach. Carlotta is the perfect size & temperame [...]

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Rita 6 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Please meet sweet Rita. If you would like an enthusiastic, patient, respectful ACD, Rita would fill the bill. She is a lovely girl with a long tail and weighs in at 39#’s. She is friendly, waits for an invite to cuddle, and is independent all in one. Rita travels well in a vehicle and is friendly with new folks she meets. She is respectful of new dogs and takes her time to evaluate them - she wants respect as well. She can believe she is ‘in charge’ but is easily redirected without a fuss. Rita [...]

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Pygmy 2-3 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Pygmy is a compact ball of canine energy!  Happy and smiling most of the time, this beautiful girl wants to play with a pup or snuggle with you.  She’s friendly with cats, and loves to chase things that run (like chickens!).  She plays constantly with other pups, and a good game of tug is her favorite thing.  She will occasionally snatch a shoe or slipper to keep her company in bed, but doesn’t often chew on them. She walks nicely on a leash and enjoys adventures! Pygmy is housebroken, crate-tra [...]

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Judy Barkland 9 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED

Judy is a budding babe who’s a fun-loving, smart, and loyal companion who puts a smile on everyone's face that meets her. She is all kisses, cuddling, and playtime galore. Check these stats, she’s locked and loaded. 40lbs almost full grown, well socialized, does well on a leash and loves hanging out in her kennel. In the few weeks we've had her, she's easily picked up commands "sit" and "stay". She's very astute, and time with her new partner/family, she'll easily learn more. The ACD instincts a [...]

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Freddie Muttcury 7 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Great things come in small packages and Freddie is no exception! He’s a mini cattle dog mix; we know the mom who is a cattle dog but dad is unknown. As the runt of the litter, Freddie didn’t come out with the typical markings of a cattle dog which is why he was left behind, but we couldn’t see that happen. And holy cow is he handsome. Freddie is a good ol’ fashioned lover boy. He loves to chill (and cuddle, if you’re into that). He loves his toys and playtime. He’s very loyal and likes to lay on [...]

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Capi 8-10 month old male ACD/BC mix ADOPTED

Introducing Capi, the happiest BC/ACD ever to set foot on this earth! This gorgeous young man is always running, jumping, playing, and yes, sometimes he’s even smiling! He is eight months young and just the most energetic guy on the planet. His favorite toy in all the world is a cardboard box, any cardboard box, anywhere, anytime.  He doesn’t play with tug toys or balls or frisbees (yet) but we are sure, with his energy level he could be taught to love them almost as much as he loves cardboard b [...]

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