Madison – 18 Week Old Female ACD mix ADOPTED

Meet Madison. She is a very lady like little girl who loves her belly rubs. She is not very interested in retrieving a ball yet but loves her chew toys. She is house trained and crate trained though she prefers not to be confined in her crate and will let you know very clearly.  She is learning the meaning of off but forgets if food is involved. She can be quiet when she wants to be and is a little shy when she hears strange noises. She bounces back as you reassure her it is okay. She learns qui [...]

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Utah – 18 Week Old Female ACD mix

It is that time of year again and ACDR has puppies that are just about ready and raring to find their next forever homes! These two cuties are Utah (she’s the blue) and Montana her sister (she’s the black with blue paws) They are flamboyant, happy, ACTIVE, sweet girls who will need active homes to keep them occupied and entertained. No couch potato living for these girls! They could be great hiking buddies for the avid hiker once they are fully grown and their recall is down pat. They in return, [...]

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Sunny Rae – 18 Week Old Female ACD mix ADOPTED

Sweet and sassy, sugar and spice, that describes Sunny Rae to a ‘T’.  Please meet this cutie. She is ACD/BC from her head to her tail and everywhere in between.   She is 18 weeks of pure pleasure.  She currently weighs 20 lbs but is likely to grow to be a 40lb +/-  pup.  She is a baby with lots to learn yet and will need patient guidance and love as she grows with her forever family.  Sunny is about 50% house trained and is crate trained. She sits nicely for treats with encouragement, walks nice [...]

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Benny Joe – 8-month-old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Hello - Please let me introduce myself.  Benny Joe here to tell you all about my wonderful life.  I am so lucky to have landed in the loving arms of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue just a mere two months ago.  I am 10 months old, a svelte 45 pounds, and oh so handsome (if I do say so myself).  I have to tell you, I had so much to learn & still more to learn - I am a very smart boy & a quick study.  I love to play & romp with dogs of all ages any size.  I am very strong so kids of a young a [...]

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Zoey – 8.5 yr Female ACD *ADOPTED*

Are you looking for a bit older girl?  One that is active and yet calm, cool & collected?  Our girl Zooey may be the perfect buddy for you.  Zooey is 8 1/2 years old, weighs in at 47#, long tail, bright smile & perky ears.  She is a quiet companion, would not be considered a ‘barker’ although will alert you, loves to follow wherever you go & is great on vehicle rides. She loads w/out a fuss & enjoys the time with you.  Zooey will sit nicely for treats & leaves no left-overs f [...]

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Riley – 5 yr Female ACD *ADOPTED*

Say hello to Riley. Isn’t she pretty? Look at her ring tail. It is awesome to behold. Riley is a 5 ½ year old ACD. She has been nothing but sweet in her foster home with all the male dogs and with her foster peeps. She can be a bit snarky with other female dogs but can be easily redirected to more appropriate behavior. We would recommend that she goes to a home with experienced ACD owners who understand the breed characteristics. She would not be a candidate for a first time ACD owner. She is cu [...]

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Munchkin – 4.5 mo Male ACD/Chihuahua X *ADOPTED*

Say hello to Munchkin. He is what we would call a pocket ACD. He is a 4 ½ month old bundle of energy and happiness and at 9lbs, he is one small Red ACD for sure!  He spends his days running with the big dogs in the back yard. His foster brothers and sisters outweigh him by at least 30 lbs, but he thinks nothing of “heeling” them if he thinks one of them is getting too rambunctious during play time. He loves to play with his human, canine and feline friends at the foster home though the cat is wo [...]

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Oliver – 5 yr Male Aussie ADOPTED

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. You ‘big beautiful doll!' Are you considering a 70# lap dog? Well, look no further than sweet, sensitive, obedient Oliver. He may very well be your boy! Oliver is a 5 yo Aussie with the most unique personality. He wants to only please you. Oliver loves to romp & do zoomies in the yard, and then flop for quiet time. He loves to snuggle on the couch sidling up to you in hopes of a pet and to even bow his head to rest on your chest. He is like a big puffy marshmallow - a [...]

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Ginger – 1 yr Female ACD Mix ADOPTED

Are you looking for a project? A sweet, cute, headstrong, athletic project? Well, have we got the project for you! Meet Ginger. She is a beautiful red stumpy mix who loves people (once she has been able to perform the sniff test, that is!), adores other dogs and loves to play from dawn to dusk. She is just a year old and in her previous life she was not required to tow the line behavior wise. She can be rude and did we already say headstrong? We do not recommend that she goes to a home with chil [...]

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Julio – 1 yr Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Julio is a stunningly beautiful boy who came to us a year ago. He is just over a year old now. He was adopted and then returned due to a family issue and through no fault of his own. He is a very sweet boy who is quite sensitive. He LOVES other dogs and would excel in a home with another dog to help bolster his confidence. He would also do well as an only pup in the house if given stability and direction. Julio is looking for someone who will have a little patience in gaining his trust. He loves [...]

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