SPECIAL PLACEMENT- Please read Teddy’s complete bio before you determine whether you want to put in an application specifically for him. Teddy is a very special little dog and will go to a very special new, forever home.  Though Teddy Bear looks a puppy, he is not. Teddy is a 2-year-old mini ACD who was found in the backyard of a home after the folks had moved away. No one really knows how long Teddy was there by himself, but he was terrified, cold, and very thin. Teddy, all 17 lbs. of him, is m [...]

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Ringo – 1 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Are you ready for 25 pounds of pure cattle dog boy? If so, meet Ringo! Approximately a year old, he was rescued from a shelter in Northern Arizona, this sweet boy is all play during the day, and all cuddle at  night. He loves toys and playing chase and wrestle with his foster brother,  but in the evening, when it's time to settle down, he curls up quietly on the couch with his foster family. House trained and crate trained, he is neutered and ready to be adopted. He's a very active boy and would [...]

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Pepsi – 8 Month Old Female Catahoula Mix *ADOPTED*

Meet Pepsi, an 8 month old female Catahoula mix that is a little shy when she first meets a new person, but comes around rather quickly and is then curious. We are guesstimating that she is of Catahoula/ Hound lineage as you can see in her photos. She would benefit greatly from being fed in a slow feeder bowl as she has a tendency to gobble her food as soon as it is put into the bowl. Another good idea to slow her down would be to provide her with food puzzles where she would have to figure the [...]

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Daisy – 10 Month Old Female ACD Mix *ADOPTED*

Daisy is a young girl at 10 months old and absolutely adores people! She is playful, sometimes a little too playful, with other dogs, but she is not an Alfa dog, by any means. She takes correction from her foster mates in her current home very well. She is currently living with an indoor cat (who is quite dog savvy!) and she is curious but respectful. She came into rescue as a stray dumped with her littermate sister. Daisy is fully house trained, crate trained, and has had all of her vetting com [...]

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Hawkins – 1 Year Old Male ACD *ADOPTED*

Do you like to party? Hike? Run? Do triathlons before breakfast? Hawkins is your guy!! Hawkins is just a tad over 1 yr. His birthday is 11/8 and he is a LOVE! He is an active boy that benefits from stimulation especially exercise. But he also settles really well, and is content to just chill with his family. He would EXCEL at dog sports if  that’s your thing. Hawkins does great with the other 5 dogs in his foster home. He “can” be protective of his food with dogs, but we have no issues now with [...]

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Willow – 4 Month Old Female ACD ADOPTED

Hello, my name is Willow. As you can see from my photos, I am just the cutest little ACD you have ever met. At least, that’s what my foster family tells me every day. I am very much a happy puppy, at 16 weeks old. I am learning new things daily. I am pretty much crate trained, with just an occasional slip up and am beginning to learn my house manners and will need continued help from my new, forever family. My foster dad says I am cuddly and loving as well as inquisitive and full of energy. I lo [...]

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Koda – 2 year old Spaniel Corgi ADOPTED

KODA Sweet dog needs to be rehomed due to family health emergency Spaniel Corgi Neutered Male 2 years old 25 lbs Eager to please and easy to train House trained Koda lived with a two year old child and was wonderful. But he can be possessive of balls, and grabbed it from a 12 year old too energetically, so he’d do best in an adult home. He’s living with 3 other dogs at his foster home, and doing fine. He very much wants to play with them. But they’re all grumpy :) He’s a HAPPY little guy and l [...]

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Schroeder – 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab *ADOPTED*

Schroeder - 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab   Schroeder is a party animal!  He loves to play, wrestle with the others dogs-he is always looking for his next adventure. He is very outgoing.  Nothing slows him down.  His tail is always wagging-and it moves his whole body.  We wakes up happy every day! Every day for Schroeder is a new opportunity to learn about life. He loves his people.  He is crate trained-he sleeps all night long.  He’s house broke.  Fully vetted.  He’s located in North Scottsdale [...]

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Woodstock – 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab ADOPTED

Woodstock - 6 Month Old Male ACD/Lab Woodstock is ready for adoption! What can I say about Woodstock –he’s almost perfect! Woodstock is ready for his next adventure. He is sweet happy, and a lover of a guy!  He is a sensitive guy-he loves to please! He plays well with others. Or he’s just as happy hanging out and snuggling with his people.  He is always happy.   He’s crate trained-he sleeps all night long.  He’s house broke.  Fully vetted. He is located in North Scottsdale.  If you are intereste [...]

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Sally- 10 Month Old Female ACD/Border Collie Mix *ADOPTED*

Unfortunate fact- black dogs often are overlooked but are just as loving as the dogs of a different color! Say hello to Sally. She is a 10 month old ACD/BC mix who is energetic and just a lover. She came into rescue at 6 weeks old with two sisters and two brothers and has lived in her current foster home, with her two sisters, three foster brothers, and a cat since. Her 2 brothers are also available but are being fostered in the Phoenix area. She is now ready to start her new adventure with her [...]

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