Triah (tree-ah) is a funny little girl who is bold n shy, big n small, sweet n sassy…. She has it all except her front right leg. Her condition doesn’t slow her down in the least though and she may tell you she’d make a great trail runner she should probably keep to long walks, hikes, swimming and other low impact sports. Triah has a tremendous personality and loves playing with her fur friends though she does take a while to warm up to new friends and new situations. She’s got the typical ACD leery eye but once you’ve proven to be worthy of her love you’ll be showered daily with grins, kisses and constant tail wags.

Triah however does not appreciate people closer to her size so a family with young kids is not recommended nor a home with cats. There’s a lot of big dog in this little dog body and she will need a home that understands ACD’s or working breeds in general. She can be quite opinionated and head strong so consistency and intentional leadership is a must in whatever home she goes to.

Triah is a girl with the heart of a lioness and if you’re bold enough to prove yourself you’ll be greatly rewarded… she’s a true gem!

Triah is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ

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