The Skye’s the limit! This smart, high-energy, affectionate little girl will make someone a wonderful companion. She has gorgeous, mysterious eyes that seem to look right through you at times. She is mid-sized and not expected to get any bigger. She will give her heart fully to the person she chooses. She will need an above average active, cattle dog savvy home! She is no couch potato for sure. She wants to have something to do. She could be a great candidate as an agility dog as she learns very quickly. Skye is very social with other dogs, the best home would be one with a large active dog for her since her play style is physical and high-energy.

Sky graduated a 4 week Board n Train program in Tucson AZ on Feb 10th. Her trainer has further notes which we will glady share with any interested person. When Skye goes to a forever home, it will be a stressful event for her. Some of the now extinct behaviors she exhibited when she arrived could resurface to some degree until she fully acclimates. Here’s a few key points to consider before applying.

Skye had a possessive nature toward her “person” which improved tremendously with training, but we suspect she might regress at first when she is with a new person.

Skye is a nipper. She uses her mouth to express joy, playfulness, and frustration. We are working on this constantly. She is much better, but be prepared for it to surface from time to time.

Skye arrived with a great degree of stranger danger. She would bark and charge new people. This behavior has pretty much stopped but is still a work in progress.

We would rather see Skye in a home with adults. The quick movements of small or young children could be too much for her.

Sky is crate trained, house broken and fully vetted. She is currently located in Rio Rico, Arizona.

The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to submit an application. It in no way obligates you to adopt, it is simply part of our process. If the dog you are interested in is adopted before you can meet them or if we do not currently have a dog you are interested in we still encourage you to go through the approval process. Then you will be pre-approved and ready to adopt when a dog does come along that you are interested in.