Oprah Runfree 9-10 year old ACD mix

Oprah like her names sake had a poor upbringing and was in pretty bad shape when she came to us. Oprah came to from a hoarding situation, she was severely emaciated and suffering from Valley Fever but her sweet spirit shone through despite her rough condition. After over a year in foster care she’s finally ready to “live her best life.”

Oprah is a calm, quiet, very sweet girl who loves nothing more than to rest at the feet of her foster parents. She doesn’t usually bark, is housebroken, and can be left home alone without getting on furniture or being destructive. She simply waits patiently.

Oprah gets along great with other dogs though, if given a choice, she’d rather hang out with her people. She lives in a foster home with young children and is extremely tolerant and patient. She has been introduced to cats and was definitely interested, though she could be distracted with food so she has the potential to live with cats, given a gradual introduction.

Oprah loves a casual daily stroll, is great on-leash and pretty good off leash. She doesn’t require much exercise and would be equally happy in an apartment or house. She can be a little reserved with new people but it doesn’t take long before she’s sidling up for attention and her stumpy little tail is wagging away.

Oprah’s Valley Fever is under control with medication and she will need to continue to take medications for the rest of her life. Oprah also has a few health quirks that with proper nutrition and care she does just fine. Her VF medication (itraconazol) is purchased through Costco where we’ve found it to be the best price $80 a month. Along with her other supplements her total medical costs are around $100-$120 a month.

When you meet Oprah you will see that she is worth a million $$ just like her names sake!!

Oprah is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ

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