Meet Sally. She is 5 ½ months old and is an ACD/BC mix who is energetic and just a lover. She came into rescue at 6 weeks old with two sisters and two brothers and has lived in her current foster home, with her two sisters, three foster brothers, and a cat since. Her 2 brothers are also available but are being fostered in the Phoenix area. She is now ready to start her new adventure with her forever family!

She loves to play with her foster brothers and is respectful of her feline foster sister. She can run like the wind and has bouts of the zoomies as she attempts to engage her foster brothers in playtime in the backyard. Her two sisters have been adopted recently so she is looking for companionship with another dog who is not an “in your face” type of playmate.

She is fully vetted and spayed. She is not 100% house trained yet but is making amazing progress in that area now that her sisters are no longer in the picture. She has not had an accident in her crate in the past several weeks. Her fosters consider her to be 80% trained at this time.

She is incredibly bright and quite food motivated so further training should be relatively easy with praise and consistency. She will sit for treats.

Sally loves to be with her people and would do well in a home with another respectful pup or with no pup at all. She will be happy either way.

Sally is currently being fostered in Rio Rico.


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