Meet Jamison, JJ for short. He is truly one of a kind. He loves with his whole heart. He is full of life and quite the explorer. He does not shy away from noisy situations but is very curious as to what might be happening. JJ is the inquisitive dog of the day. He loves to play with his sister most of the day, but also loves his naptime. He has been taught to sit and stay on command for a treat. Working on leash training that is progressing slowly but surely. JJ, like his sister, loves the water when it is his idea and will play for hours in and out of his kiddie pool. He really likes to chase a tossed ball and is learning how to bring it back to his people.  He will need one on one training as his attention span is puppy short when there are distractions around him.  JJ, like his sister, would prefer to be a free spirit and does not like to be confined in a crate for more than a minute or two. Further training in this area is recommended.  This puppy is beginning to learn the meaning of off but does not yet have it down pat.  That will come with time and further training. JJ has not yet been exposed to young children but he is very friendly with adults.  He is a pup who wants a lot of attention from his people and is not too proud to climb up in your lap for kisses and belly rubs.

Jamison AKA JJ is living the good life in his foster home with his sister but will need introductions to other dogs as he matures.

Jamison is currently being fostered in Tempe. He is fully vetted and ready for his next adventure.

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