Kate Muttleton 5-6 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED


Katie is a true Princess! She has a sweet demeanor, gets along with everything and everyone she meets and is always up for an adventure. Though she is sweet, Katie is as active as they get when it comes to cattle dog puppies. She isn’t much for napping right now but is very good at keeping herself busy. Katie has been very respectful about only chewing on her bones and toys while in the house and is an independent little cookie, though she wants to be right next to her person most of time as well. Did I mention she is active, because she is either go go go or sleeping in her crate at bedtime.


Katie is very smart and has shown such eagerness to please and learn new things. When at the dog park Katie even runs the agility course herself and has proven to be a natural athlete. She is quick, a total jumping bean and a running machine. Katie would do best in a home with older children due to her still learning some respectful manners. Katie likes to think she is the Queen sometimes as well and would also do best in a more dog savvy home.


Katie is crate trained, housebroken and is fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ


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