Ernest – 8-month-old ACD mix

Ernest is a delightful little pal who is ready for his new home. He is a loving, bright, curious and enthusiastic little dog with a fun personality as unique as his distinctive little build. At 21 pounds, Ernest presents a tidy package of love and fun. Ernest is a spirited fellow who bonds very quickly and very tightly with his person. He’d be fine as a solo dog soaking up all the attention, or in a multi-dog household where the other dogs enjoy a good romp.

Earnest is currently working on his social skills. In his home with the people and dogs he knows he’s loving, playful and respectful. However when outside he can be a bit of an alarmist and very wary of strangers. Earnest has also shown that he is fearful of small children in the home and outside. His foster home is diligently working on this! He has not been exposed to cats nor other animals while in foster care either. Ernest is house-trained and he is also comfortable in a crate. He has not been destructive in the house nor yard, barring the occasional sneaky sock theft.

Ernest is crate trained, housebroken and fully vetted. He is currently located in Overgaurd, AZ