Emmylou Hairess “Emmy” 3 Year Old Female ACD

“I need no diamond rings or fancy pearls ~ Just bring yourself, you’re all I’ll ever need ~ That’s good enough for this blue Kentucky girl”

But you should bring a ball! Miss Emmy needs nothing more than a warm place to sleep, a strong arm to toss a ball and a loving home to call her own! Emmy LOVES her ball as well as other toys yet she’s not overly possessive and can fetch with friends nicely. Unfortunately, because of extensive damage to her pelvic area due to the VF and an old injury she would not be a candidate for dog sports. She can go for big hikes, swimming at the lake and of course FETCHIN but any heavy duty impact or high endurance activities should not be pursued.

Emmy has overcome much adversity in her short little life so far most of which is far in her past. However she has Valley Fever and scars from an old injury which will need to be medicated for the rest of her life.

Emmy loves people of all sizes and enjoys having other doggy friends though she does not require a constant companion, she’s confident on her own.  She currently shares a home with 13 other furfriends in her foster home and is great with them all! Cats can be a bit of a temptation so wouldn’t recommend them.

Emmy loves adventure! She’s good on the trail off leash, she has great recall and is calm in town at the coffee shops and local retailers. She plays well with others if introduced nicely. She can be a bit pushy but when reminded to mind her manners she quickly softens. She’s got those heeler smarts and will keep whomever she is with on their toes and outside tossing a ball! Her foster home loves having her as part of the pack but know that a forever home is out there just waiting to be blessed with this precious little girl!

Emmy was featured earlier this year in a video for 2016 AZ Gives promo in April. You can see it on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pg/AZCowdog/videos/

Emmy’s Valley Fever is under control with medication and she will need to continue to take medications for the VF and pain medications for the rest of her life. Her VF medication (itraconazol) is purchased through Costco where we’ve found it to be the best price $80 a month. Along with her pain medication (gabapentin)other supplements her total medical costs are around $120 a month.

Emmylou Hairess is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ.

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