Dorsey is the smallest/lightest of the pack but what a great ball of fun! She loves to run, jump and show off her zoomies! She is one classical pup, who loves to make you laugh and seek for your affection. She is determined, loves to rumble and tumble, and oh, how she loves to wrestle!

Dorsey is 90% housebroken, crate-trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ

More about the AZ Tail Runners….

Hali (Mother of the Pups), Sabi, Dorsey, Kelsey, and Slate. In early March, Hali and her 5 week old pups were found under an abandoned house in Gallup, NM and came to us for our TLC. Hali, 3-yrs old ACD, had quite a journey of her own, and we have no idea where she have been, what her life was like prior to coming to us. It is safe to assume that she and her pups had never been inside a home as they were wary of being in a home. The pups, ACD mix (dad?) now 5 months old, born sometime during the first week of February 2019. The pups are friendly to all people after warming up to you and they have not met any cats while in foster care. With proper introduction, they are friendly to all dogs. They all LOVE to go out on hikes/walks and they are great with their recalls! You must know that they are all fast learners and eager to please!

The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to submit an application. It in no way obligates you to adopt, it is simply part of our process. If the dog you are interested in is adopted before you can meet them or if we do not currently have a dog you are interested in we still encourage you to go through the approval process. Then you will be pre-approved and ready to adopt when a dog does come along that you are interested in.