Medical Hold

Hali 3 year old female ACD

Hali is one tough runner! We know she has been through quite a bit… having a foreign object removed from her back, a damaged tooth removed as well as getting rid of common parasites. Yet, that hasn’t seemed to faze her a bit! She’s a true cattle dog who needs someone who loves outdoor adventure as much as she does and who will be a strong, patient and firm leader. Hali can be bossy with other dogs, she is still working on her manners with others hence the need for an ACD/herding breed savvy pers [...]

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Sissy Spaysic 12+ year old senior female ACD

Sissy is a sweet, easy-going, lovey gal. She is currently in a foster home with another female ACD and 2 young kids and nothing fazes this happy-go-lucky girl. Sissy is a true Velcro dog in the house, you will definitely have company wherever you go, even if it's just to the next room. With that said, she has been known to go on a bit of a "walkabout" when she gets a chance to slip out the door or gate so she will need a secure yard or be on-leash when she's out of the house. While she is not go [...]

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About Cheeks Click on an image to enlarge it. The first step to meeting Cheeks or any of our dogs is to submit an application. It in no way obligates you to adopt, it is simply part of our process. If the dog you are interested in is adopted before you can meet them or if we do not currently have a dog you are interested in we still encourage you to go through the approval process. Then you will be pre-approved and ready to adopt when a dog does come along that you are interested in. [...]

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