Wild! Hilarious! Spaz! Energetic! A pinch of Crazy! Lover! Sweet! Did I mention a little crazy? Bunny is this pint size powerhouse that is looking for her best friend, like a cartoon with heart eyes popping out of her head! She wants to be doing something all day every day, so her best friend better be prepared to get her into all sorts of fun. Bunny would be great at dog sports, she loves to play ball and will show you her flying backflips with every throw. She does play well independently too, and will put on a show of her tossing her toys into the air. With all that energy she contains, she will need someone who has a lot of patience and willingness to teach Bunny the ways of the world. She has the drive to please but needs work on her focus. She is great with other dogs and has been in a house full of every age and temperament. Bunny is over the moon with every human she meets as well.

Oh, and did we tell you her nickname…. “Spazmanian Devil!” She would love to have a furfriend as crazy/playful as her in her home or at the very least a social life filled with other playful dogs. Bunny is not a dog for a first time owner due to her wild n silly ways. Left to her own devices she could get into trouble or become a nuisance so a savvy leader is a must. We should also mention that when she came to us her rear left leg was severely broken and had to be pinned. Several months later she now has just one pin that will stay and her knee and hock are a little stunted due to the injury. This does not affect her ability to go have fun or even do sports as long as she is trained and conditioned properly.

Bunny is housebroken (w/dog door), crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ


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