Special placement. Please read complete bio.

Regal, majestic, stately. All these describe Braveheart. So do the words goofy, happy, funny, loving. Braveheart is all these things and more. At 1 ½ he has been through a lot in his short time on earth.

Braveheart came to rescue in dire need of medical attention. Found on the side of the road one dark night, he has made huge strides toward a more normal life of a happy, healthy pup. He is a work in progress.

Braveheart’s right hind leg, badly broken when he arrived at the Vet’s office, has completely mended. He has been enjoying weekly swim therapy to strengthen the muscles in that leg. He would benefit greatly from continued access to a swimming pool and slow walks daily. His left hind hip is dislocated but this is an old injury that he has adapted to nicely. This does not slow him down at all and does not require surgical correction. Potential adopters should realize that Braveheart may never regain full, normal use of his right leg but he is happy and healthy.

Braveheart does walk with a limp on the right and when he wants to run, he prefers to just pick that leg up and run on the other three. He is not the dog for you if you’re looking for someone to go on long hikes or runs with but if you like to saunter down the trail and stop and smell the roses along the way then he’s a great candidate. He has great recall. If you want a dog that lays at your feet and gives you loving looks, then he’s the dog for you.

Braveheart fashions himself a ladies’ man, preferring the company of the fur-ladies to that of other male dogs. He currently lives with 3 other males and can be a bit of a bully at times with them. This behavior requires a gentle reminder from his person that he is not all that and a bag of chips too and he will refocus elsewhere. He has also spent significant time with several females in his current foster home and he has been a perfect gentleman. He loves to play with them.

He adores his squeaky toys! He will spend hours tossing them in the air and fetching them again. Given a squeaky toy, he can entertain himself all afternoon.

Braveheart should probably not live with cats as he is VERY interested in them and only the most dog savvy cats will be able to tolerate his attentions for more than a few minutes.

Lastly, Braveheart has not met a human that he does not want to say hi to, sit with, lean on. He loves his people and is Velcro with every person he meets.

Braveheart is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. He is currently located in Rio Rico, AZ.

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