Louise is sweet, energetic and affectionate with her people. However, she is not perfect. She has been working on her fear issues along with having serious trepidation’s regarding new people or dogs. Louise has been adopted twice in in her short 3 years of life. She has been working hard with her foster and trainer in gaining confidence and learn new skills on how to handle stress. Louise takes a few days, not hours, to accept new people and dogs in her world.  Once accepting of a new dog, she would like to be the boss.  She is willing to leave them alone with firm and continued correction.
When humans approach the home, she is over anxious & is on guard.  Her owner will need to be an experienced dog handler, willing to read her body language, and willing to correct & protect her. On command, she will go into a sit, stay, and wait until allowed a release and redirected.  This is essential for her safety and happy life.  Louise is not a first dog owner candidate nor a candidate for someone with a good heart that wants to “work” with her.  She will be a challenge but so worth it because she wants to please and grow. Louise is great in a vehicle and is good at walking in public but cautious at the same time. She is not a dog park dog but loves trails, hiking and quiet adventures. Louise is a lot of dog but worth it all!
She would be perfectly happy in a home with or without other dogs.  If you have a very ‘no nonsense’ dog as a companion, that could work.  A home without children, cats or other small animals is the best choice for her. Louise does have an ‘alarm’ bark that is loud. While she isn’t a “barker” if you live in an apartment this may cause issues. She is a perfect lady in the home, loves toys, and snuggling.  Louise is comfortable in a crate, walks in willingly, but is also trustworthy in a spare room while you are away.
Note from Louise’s trainer:
Louise can be a very sweet and affectionate dog to the humans in her pack.  Louise can tend to be dominant towards other dogs and is very distrusting of strangers, so she always needs clear, strong, balanced and assertive leadership from her humans. Her handler must be consistent with her and willing to correct any aggression as certain triggers (like people coming to the door) can quickly erupt into offensive behavior. Her new owner must be comfortable and confident in maintaining control as well as advocating for her safety and well-being. On going training is highly recommended for her continued growth and happiness.

Best regards,

Rich Fairclough

Perfect Pooch
Behaviorist / Trainer
(480) 390-0258

Louise is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Mesa, AZ.

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