Say hello to Lollipops. This young lady is a mixture of ACD and Catahoula. She is a real sweetie who adores her foster family as well as her foster brothers, even though sometimes they think she is a bit of a pest because she wants to play, play, play! She is respectful of the resident house cat as well. She is a submissive girl and wants to be directed but does not want to vie for pack leader status in any way.

She came into rescue at 12 weeks old and had not seen the inside of a home before as very clearly demonstrated by her complete lack of understanding of what an open door meant and what tile under her feet felt like. She cowered for the first several days, hiding with her sister in her crate whenever someone talked to her. But, in the 6 weeks she has been with her foster family she has blossomed into a much more confident young lady. She is a reserved girl when it comes to meeting new people preferring to watch from afar until she is comfortable with new folks she meets. If you are looking for a puppy that is going to jump into your lap as soon as you meet her then you will be disappointed when you visit her. BUT if you want to have a lasting relationship that is built on trust, patience, and love then she is your baby girl. Once she is comfortable with you she will become your Velcro girlfriend, by your side all the time and ready to spend time laying in your lap on the couch watching TV or going for long walks, camping trips, jogs, or just hanging together in the back yard. She is a quiet, reserved young lady who is yearning for her very own people and she is as smart as they come.

Lollipops is crate trained (she learned this VERY quickly), 90% house trained, spayed, microchipped, and fully vetted. She is currently residing in Rio Rico with her foster family.

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