Wimpy is a 1-year old male, handsomely blue, all heeler heart and mind, and full of promises. He’s extra-motivated and will do almost anything once he senses an aromatic meaty treat nearby.  If he were an Olympian, Wimpy would win a gold medal in the decathlon. Not only is he extremely strong for his size, he is adept at applying his amazing core strength. High jumps and hurdles are his specialty, so a secure yard with a sturdy fence/wall would be best to keep him safe.  Wimpy is an affectionate guy and loves to fall on his back for some relaxing tummy rubs whenever he gets the chance – but he also sometimes greets his people with hugs that are on the exuberant side. He’s working on his obedience in that department.  He loves to learn new commands and chase balls.  Overall, he has a high “play” drive. Wimpy can act shy around new people or dogs but quickly warms up. He has occasionally smiled with only his front teeth when he gets aroused, and some dogs need to get used to that and understand Wimpy doesn’t mean to be aggressive. Wimpy does especially well with male and female humans and female dogs. We have not seen Wimpy around cats, other animals, or a pool.  He is crate trained, fully vetted and fostered in Mesa, AZ.

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