Aeronca 5 Year Old Female ACD Mix

Aero is a sweet special little girl! She’s a fabulous running partner, outdoor adventure girl and all around snuggle bug! However she does have a few quirks…. Aero has anxiety issues when left alone for too long and really gets out of sorts during monsoon season.

She has worked through much of her crate anxiety and now can sleep through the night in her crate and can be left for short periods of time during the day in her crate 4-5 hours at most. We have not had the opportunity to work with her on her thunderstorm issues as its many months away from now.

Her ideal would be to go with her person where ever they go. She loves going in the car, meeting new people and going new places. She can be shy and standoffish when meeting new dogs but she’s working on it and getting better every day.

Aero has lived with small children and cats, both of which she loved and currently lives with several other dogs in harmony. She still hasn’t figured out how to play with other dogs but shares space with them nicely and we believe she enjoys the company.

Aero will need a home where she is with her people more often than not. They should be active, patient and intentional in their training methods. Aero has responded positively with consistent, caring, no nonsense training.

If you’re looking for a devoted, cuddly and sometimes quirky forever friend, Aero is the one for you!

Aero is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. She is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ

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