Hobo – 3 Year Old Male Shih Tzu

Hobo was found as stray, hence his name. Now, we realize he’s really “not” a cattle dog. But when needed, in a pinch, ACDR becomes “Any Cute Dog Rescue”. Just look at that smile! And this kid can hang with the cattle dogs like a pro We approximate his age as about 3 yrs., and the vet and groomer agree that he is likely a Shih tzu!  He was kind of a mess of long hair when found with some nasty hitchhikers on his body that we quickly eradicated.  We had him groomed, neutered, and vaccinated. He wa [...]

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Daisy – 10 Month Old Female ACD Mix

Daisy is a young girl at 10 months old and absolutely adores people! She is playful, sometimes a little too playful, with other dogs, but she is not an Alfa dog, by any means. She takes correction from her foster mates in her current home very well. She is currently living with an indoor cat (who is quite dog savvy!) and she is curious but respectful. She came into rescue as a stray dumped with her littermate sister. Daisy is fully house trained, crate trained, and has had all of her vetting com [...]

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Hawkins – 1 Year Old Male ACD

Do you like to party? Hike? Run? Do triathlons before breakfast? Hawkins is your guy!! Hawkins is just a tad over 1 yr. His birthday is 11/8 and he is a LOVE! He is an active boy that benefits from stimulation especially exercise. But he also settles really well, and is content to just chill with his family. He would EXCEL at dog sports if  that’s your thing. Hawkins does great with the other 5 dogs in his foster home. He “can” be protective of his food with dogs, but we have no issues now with [...]

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