Mistletoe- 10-12 month old female ACD mix

Three days before Christmas this little lady was found playing happily among the Christmas decorations on a strangers front lawn. She found the blow-up figures to be just too much fun! We think she’s just the nicest, sweetest, friendliest little dog you could ever lay your eyes on. She weighs in at just over 20 pounds and we do not expect her to get much bigger than this. It appears that she is ACD and small hound mix but she is quiet as a mouse, no baying here. She needs some work on her leash [...]

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Moby Lick 6.5 year old male Border Collie/ACD mix

Are you looking for arm candy?  Moby is your guy - he is very handsome and weighs ~60#’s, with a long tail & silky fur.  Are you looking for a dog to steal your heart?  Moby may be your guy.  He is a gentle, playful, good natured guy, He loves people, kids, other dogs and even cats. No worries with traveling in a vehicle - he curls up with no fuss and rides along. Moby likes to be close but not demanding -  a snooze on the couch next to you is a favorite.  Moby recently participated in a her [...]

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Daisy 10-12 month old female ACD mix

Daisy is just plain fun to live with!  She is so very cute, and full of life, always eager to take part in whatever is going on.  Daisy loves people and other animals, and has a lively, engaging personality that begs to satisfy her curiosity about what all goes on in the world.  Daisy loves to cuddle and be petted and she is amazingly smart; which is as it should be, since her parents were probably a Heeler and a Border Collie.  Although Daisy hasn’t had a lot of training, she has all the basics [...]

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Frank Simuttra 1year old male Doxi/Chi

Meet Frank Simuttra!  Frankie is one handsome guy with his blue eye, compact stature and sharky overbite.  He appears to be a dapple doxie/chihuahua mix, weighs 13 pounds and is probably about 12 months old.  Frankie has tons of energy and would do well with a brother or sister who also enjoys LOTS of play time.  When he's not playing with his foster brothers and sisters he also enjoys his chew toys and cuddling on the couch.   Even though he has short legs, this boy can jump!  If you're looking [...]

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Sissy Spaysic 12+ year old senior female ACD

Sissy is a sweet, easy-going, lovey gal. She is currently in a foster home with another female ACD and 2 young kids and nothing fazes this happy-go-lucky girl. Sissy is a true Velcro dog in the house, you will definitely have company wherever you go, even if it's just to the next room. With that said, she has been known to go on a bit of a "walkabout" when she gets a chance to slip out the door or gate so she will need a secure yard or be on-leash when she's out of the house. While she is not go [...]

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Penney 3.5 year old female ACD/Retriever mix

Penney is a sweet gal who is in need of a home where she can get the exercise and attention she craves! Penney’s favorite things are playing fetch and swimming along with any other activity that involves her people. She’s so sweet and fluffy that belly rubs are always on the list for both Penney and people.   Penney has not had much socialization with other dogs but is not aggressive, just indifferent until she gets to know them. We think that she would do well with another dog her age and energ [...]

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Chase 5 year old male ACD mix “Special Needs”

Chase came to ACDR thru a Good Samaritan who found him in the Tucson desert. He was truly on death's door! He had sarcoptic and demodex mange, dozens of other internal and external parasites, was extremely emaciated and on top of it all he was diabetic! But his spirit was still intact and he quickly stole all our hearts. After 18 months of care Chase is now ready for adoption! Chase is fondly called "Mr. Rodgers" in his foster home as he is kind and gentle and it's his mission to make sure every [...]

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Tiny 6 year old female Chihuahua mix

Tiny isn't too tiny, just about 12 pounds. No, not a tiny cattle dog, just another little dog in need that asked for a bit of help.  She has a cute curly tail and a permanent cowlick that always stands up on the back of her neck.  Her foster brothers and sisters don't seem to be bothered by this.  She's a happy dog who gets along well with everyone, but prefers dogs closer to her own size.  She's about 6 years old but still loves to play.  Tiny is very person oriented, she wants to be with her p [...]

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