Miles 10 month old male ACD

If you are looking for a fur baby that loves to ‘lean’ on you - Miles is your boy. Miles is healthy (41#), eager to please and fun loving! He goes for rides with no fussing in a vehicle. Miles has a sweet, inquisitive face that looks like he is asking, ‘what’s up’? He is pretty much a real gentleman in the house for a young one. Miles is fun & funny - the puppy stage still shows how fun they can be while experiencing new things along the way. Recall while romping in the yard is fantastic! He [...]

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Larry 9 year old male ACD

Larry, Larry, Larry - A true gem of an Australian Cattle Dog who is charming, independent and social beyond belief, he makes friends wherever he goes. He is petite at 35#’s, muscular, has a short tail, and alert to everything going on around him. One of his most, I mean, most favorite things is to go for rides in the vehicle - he hops in, settles in, & is good to go! His second heart place is with you regardless what you are doing - he’s all in! Larry has super house manners and not a barker [...]

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Braveheart 1.5 year old male ACD

Special placement. Please read complete bio. Regal, majestic, stately. All these describe Braveheart. So do the words goofy, happy, funny, loving. Braveheart is all these things and more. At 1 ½ he has been through a lot in his short time on earth. Braveheart came to rescue in dire need of medical attention. Found on the side of the road one dark night, he has made huge strides toward a more normal life of a happy, healthy pup. He is a work in progress. Braveheart’s right hind leg, badly broken [...]

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Bunny 10-12 month old female ACD

 Wild! Hilarious! Spaz! Energetic! A pinch of Crazy! Lover! Sweet! Did I mention a little crazy? Bunny is this pint size powerhouse that is looking for her best friend, like a cartoon with heart eyes popping out of her head! She wants to be doing something all day every day, so her best friend better be prepared to get her into all sorts of fun. Bunny would be great at dog sports, she loves to play ball and will show you her flying backflips with every throw. She does play well independently too [...]

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Chase 5 year old male ACD mix “Special Needs”

Chase came to ACDR thru a Good Samaritan who found him in the Tucson desert. He was truly on death's door! He had sarcoptic and demodex mange, dozens of other internal and external parasites, was extremely emaciated and on top of it all he was diabetic! But his spirit was still intact and he quickly stole all our hearts. After 18 months of care Chase is now ready for adoption! Chase is fondly called "Mr. Rodgers" in his foster home as he is kind and gentle and it's his mission to make sure every [...]

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Tiny 6 year old female Chihuahua mix

Tiny isn't too tiny, just about 12 pounds. No, not a tiny cattle dog, just another little dog in need that asked for a bit of help.  She has a cute curly tail and a permanent cowlick that always stands up on the back of her neck.  Her foster brothers and sisters don't seem to be bothered by this.  She's a happy dog who gets along well with everyone, but prefers dogs closer to her own size.  She's about 6 years old but still loves to play.  Tiny is very person oriented, she wants to be with her p [...]

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