Cielo 1 yr old female ACD

This young lady is not only beautiful on the outside but she has the biggest heart and she adores everyone. She's still a puppy with all the funny, lovely, obnoxious puppy traits. She is a diva and like any self-respecting diva, she LOVES shoes! This, of course, can get her into hot water with her foster family who are working with her to understand what an appropriate chew toy is and what is not. When reprimanded, she will become embarrassed and will apologize immediately. Cielo is a submissive [...]

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Saxon 1 year old male Hound mix

When we first saw Saxon we thought he might be an ACD mix but really he’s very much a hound dog and is better described as a lumbering goof. He loves to be outside, and has been a great hiking buddy. Sax is great with other dogs and loves a good backyard play session with his other foster siblings. He is sweet and when given enough exercise is a pretty mellow dude. Saxon is a little bit quirky and is looking for a more laid back home and someone who will be patient with him. Saxon can take a lit [...]

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Triah 4 year old female ACD mix (tripod)

Triah (tree-ah) is a funny little girl who is bold n shy, big n small, sweet n sassy…. She has it all except her front right leg. Her condition doesn’t slow her down in the least though and she may tell you she’d make a great trail runner she should probably keep to long walks, hikes, swimming and other low impact sports. Triah has a tremendous personality and loves playing with her fur friends though she does take a while to warm up to new friends and new situations. She’s got the typical ACD l [...]

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Frankie 1.5 yr old male Doxie/Chi and Calliope 1.5 yr old female Doxie/ACD

Two peas in a pod! Frankie and Calliope are besties, they love to hang out and play together all day long. Later, they cuddle up together in their crate and sleep quietly through the night. Both also enjoy being lap dogs and it's even better if they can share the space. These two really are constant companions. They are full grown at about 12-13 pounds and are around a year and a half old. They enjoy playing with other small dog friends and bigger dogs on a meet and greet basis. They have not be [...]

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Sky 1.5 year old female ACD/BC *SPECIAL PLACEMENT*

*SPECIAL PLACEMENT*PLEASE READ ENTIRE BIO* The Skye’s the limit! This smart, high-energy, affectionate little girl will make someone a wonderful companion. She has gorgeous, mysterious eyes that seem to look right through you at times. She is mid-sized and not expected to get any bigger. She will give her heart fully to the person she chooses. She will need an above average active, cattle dog savvy home! She is no couch potato for sure. She wants to have something to do. She could be a great can [...]

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Sissy Spaysic 12+ year old senior female ACD

Sissy is a sweet, easy-going, lovey gal. She is currently in a foster home with another female ACD and 2 young kids and nothing fazes this happy-go-lucky girl. Sissy is a true Velcro dog in the house, you will definitely have company wherever you go, even if it's just to the next room. With that said, she has been known to go on a bit of a "walkabout" when she gets a chance to slip out the door or gate so she will need a secure yard or be on-leash when she's out of the house. While she is not go [...]

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Chase 5 year old male ACD mix “Special Needs”

Chase came to ACDR thru a Good Samaritan who found him in the Tucson desert. He was truly on death's door! He had sarcoptic and demodex mange, dozens of other internal and external parasites, was extremely emaciated and on top of it all he was diabetic! But his spirit was still intact and he quickly stole all our hearts. After 18 months of care Chase is now ready for adoption! Chase is fondly called "Mr. Rodgers" in his foster home as he is kind and gentle and it's his mission to make sure every [...]

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Tiny 6 year old female Chihuahua mix

Tiny isn't too tiny, just about 12 pounds. No, not a tiny cattle dog, just another little dog in need that asked for a bit of help.  She has a cute curly tail and a permanent cowlick that always stands up on the back of her neck.  Her foster brothers and sisters don't seem to be bothered by this.  She's a happy dog who gets along well with everyone, but prefers dogs closer to her own size.  She's about 6 years old but still loves to play.  Tiny is very person oriented, she wants to be with her p [...]

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