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Mya 13 yr old female Aussie mix ADOPTED

Are you looking for a super pleasant senior girl? Please meet Mya a 54# beauty. She is ready for a new family & a grand new life. Mya has impeccable house manners, is friendly with other dogs, will play for a short period of time, fantastic in a vehicle & loads & unloads perfectly. She has no reaction to cats. We feel she would be best suited for a family without youngsters. Mya has silky soft fur that is right in style - Ombré - black to rich copper. You would never know she is a 13 [...]

2018-10-17T23:22:39+00:00September 19th, 2018|Adopted|

Maureen O’Heeler – 4 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Maureen O’Heeler is a sweet redhead with curves and a long tail. She is short on activities but loves to explore her surroundings and long on cuddles. Maureen is not needy but welcomes a good belly rub. If you are looking for a great ‘alarm’ buddy, Maureen fits that bill. She is truly a gal that wants things in order & will tell you all about what she hears or sees. She likes to play with appropriately civil dogs. She meets new folks with enthusiasm and welcomes pets. Maureen O’Heeler is fin [...]

2018-08-19T17:25:16+00:00June 28th, 2018|Adopted|

Kate Muttleton 5-6 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED

  Katie is a true Princess! She has a sweet demeanor, gets along with everything and everyone she meets and is always up for an adventure. Though she is sweet, Katie is as active as they get when it comes to cattle dog puppies. She isn’t much for napping right now but is very good at keeping herself busy. Katie has been very respectful about only chewing on her bones and toys while in the house and is an independent little cookie, though she wants to be right next to her person most of time [...]

2018-07-09T05:39:52+00:00June 28th, 2018|Adopted|

Penney 3.5 year old female ACD/Retriever mix

Penney is a sweet gal who is in need of a home where she can get the exercise and attention she craves! Penney’s favorite things are playing fetch and swimming along with any other activity that involves her people. She’s so sweet and fluffy that belly rubs are always on the list for both Penney and people.   Penney has not had much socialization with other dogs but is not aggressive, just indifferent until she gets to know them. We think that she would do well with another dog her age and energ [...]

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Earth Angel 1.5 year old female ACD ADOPTED

This little girl has the most beautiful brown eyes. She wants no more than to be with her people all the time. Angel is great with other dogs as well as cats and is, for the most part, very polite, though she does make a pest of herself trying to make her way onto your lap for cuddles and hugs. This behavior just needs diligence and time and she will learn that she is just as loved next to your feet as up on your lap. She is small in stature but huge in heart! She stands only about 15 inches at [...]

2018-07-18T14:57:29+00:00June 19th, 2018|Adopted|

Lucy 1 year old ACD mix ADOPTED

Lucy is a girl who is in constant motion! She may be small but there’s a TON of dog packed behind that fabulous smile. Lucy’s silly nickname is “trash panda” as she is into everything, a great problem solver and when she plays she makes silly raccoon noises. She’s quite the character!! Lucy will need a playmate in her new home. She thrives when there’s someone to play with and she could play ALL day!!! Lucy is great meeting all sorts of people and dogs making her a great companion on the trail, [...]

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Quinn 1.5 year old ACD ADOPTED

Quinn has of lots of fun loving in his heart. Quinn is a sweet, strong, energetic young guy. He has great recall, loves and is comfortable riding in a vehicle, meets new people and dogs with welcoming paws. Quinn weighs in at a deceiving 49 pounds - a highly muscled & compact, short-tailed boy. He is a true ACD - smart, eager and always by your side. Quinn is 95% housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. He is currently located in Mesa. The first step to meeting any of our dogs is to subm [...]

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Patch 16 week old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Is such a character! He’s the biggest of his litter and a bit goofy. He loves hopping around trying to get someone to play chase with him. But if his person is sitting, he likes to snuggle up and relax right next to them. If he’s tired and you’re standing in one spot too long, he will just snuggle your feet. He’ll tell you all about it. He’s a talker! He has grown up with his 8 other siblings and his mama, Olive. He has lived his life indoors with his family which includes men, women and childre [...]

2018-06-21T00:06:02+00:00April 26th, 2018|Adopted|

Gus 16 week old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Gus is a level headed big boy. He has a laid back attitude. Gus doesn’t ask for much so when he gets an unexpected “good boy” snuggle, he’s the happiest pup in the world! He has grown up with his 8 other siblings and his mama, Olive. He has lived his life indoors with his family which includes men, women and children. He enjoys playtime every day in the backyard with other dogs, cats, goats, and a pig. He is not potty trained (through no fault of his own. With 9 puppies I haven’t tried) so he’ll [...]

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Darla 16 week old female ACD mix ADOPTED

She's a beauty! She likes to sit back and observe but also loves to play! She is our little land shark. Always chomping but don’t worry, never with malicious intent.  Darla loves to try to keep the party going at nap time. But when nap time hits her, she’s ready for a snuggle buddy! She has grown up with her 8 other siblings and her mama, Olive. She has lived her life indoors with her family which includes men, women and children. She enjoys playtime every day in the backyard with other dogs, ca [...]

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