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Sky 1.5 year old female ACD/BC

Sky came into rescue with her young pup at her side. She has gorgeous, mysterious eyes that seem to look right through you at times. She is mid-sized and not expected to get any bigger. Sky is looking for the human love of her life. She is very partial to men and can be standoffish and a bit snappy with women she has not met before though she tolerates her foster mom well. Patience and time should bring her around to the lady of the household but it will not happen overnight. Sky is a bit shy an [...]

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Capi 8-10 month old male ACD/BC mix PENDING ADOPTION

Introducing Capi, the happiest BC/ACD ever to set foot on this earth! This gorgeous young man is always running, jumping, playing, and yes, sometimes he’s even smiling! He is eight months young and just the most energetic guy on the planet. His favorite toy in all the world is a cardboard box, any cardboard box, anywhere, anytime.  He doesn’t play with tug toys or balls or frisbees (yet) but we are sure, with his energy level he could be taught to love them almost as much as he loves cardboard b [...]

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Dutch Pup 1 year old male ACD ADOPTED

Dutch is the cuddle captain of the country! He would glue his whole 35 lb self to your lap if you let him , but when told enough is enough he happily goes and lays down. Dutch is a totally mellow little dude, he likes chilling in the backyard looking for bugs and is great with his two foster dog siblings (leaves the older dog alone and plays beautifully with the 9 month old pup). Dutch doesn't bark but he will sing you the song of his people in the form of whining when left alone. This is someth [...]

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Ricky Waggs 10-12 month old male ACD mix ADOPTED

Show me where I start. Find a horse and cart. I'm just a country boy, Country boy at heart. It’s true, Ricky is a country boy through n through! He’s always up for some fun, likes the ladies and if he had thumbs we guess he’d be picking guitar with the best of them. Ricky makes friends wherever he goes! He’s always up for adventure and at the end of the day a good shnug on the couch with his best friend is what suites him best. Ricky currently lives with 8 other dogs and is a favorite in the pac [...]

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James Tailr 8-10 month old male ACD/Aussie mix ADOPTED

You just call out my name And you know where ever I am I'll come running to see you again Winter, spring, summer, or fall All you have to do is call And I'll be there, yeah, yeah You've got a friend James is a gentle, sweet n mellow guy who wants nothing more than to hang out with his friends on a cool afternoon and watch the clouds go buy. He enjoys having play mates but steps aside when things get too rowdy. He would do well in most any type of home as long as it wasn’t a crazy disco joint. Ja [...]

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Hairy Manilow 5-6 month old male ACD/Aussie mix ADOPTED

I write the songs that make the whole world sing I write the songs of love and special things I write the songs that make the young girls cry I write the songs, I write the songs This little man is a mega star for sure and will sweep you off your feet with his long nose, shaggy hair, big brown eyes and romantic ways. Hairy loves to cuddle, can be shy one minute and bold the next. He’s just moved into his awkward teenage stage and is the CUTEST thing EVER! Hairy currently hangs out with 8 other d [...]

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Mya 13 yr old female Aussie mix ADOPTED

Are you looking for a super pleasant senior girl? Please meet Mya a 54# beauty. She is ready for a new family & a grand new life. Mya has impeccable house manners, is friendly with other dogs, will play for a short period of time, fantastic in a vehicle & loads & unloads perfectly. She has no reaction to cats. We feel she would be best suited for a family without youngsters. Mya has silky soft fur that is right in style - Ombré - black to rich copper. You would never know she is a 13 [...]

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Maureen O’Heeler – 4 year old female ACD ADOPTED

Maureen O’Heeler is a sweet redhead with curves and a long tail. She is short on activities but loves to explore her surroundings and long on cuddles. Maureen is not needy but welcomes a good belly rub. If you are looking for a great ‘alarm’ buddy, Maureen fits that bill. She is truly a gal that wants things in order & will tell you all about what she hears or sees. She likes to play with appropriately civil dogs. She meets new folks with enthusiasm and welcomes pets. Maureen O’Heeler is fin [...]

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Kate Muttleton 5-6 month old female ACD mix ADOPTED

  Katie is a true Princess! She has a sweet demeanor, gets along with everything and everyone she meets and is always up for an adventure. Though she is sweet, Katie is as active as they get when it comes to cattle dog puppies. She isn’t much for napping right now but is very good at keeping herself busy. Katie has been very respectful about only chewing on her bones and toys while in the house and is an independent little cookie, though she wants to be right next to her person most of time [...]

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Penney 3.5 year old female ACD/Retriever mix

Penney is a sweet gal who is in need of a home where she can get the exercise and attention she craves! Penney’s favorite things are playing fetch and swimming along with any other activity that involves her people. She’s so sweet and fluffy that belly rubs are always on the list for both Penney and people.   Penney has not had much socialization with other dogs but is not aggressive, just indifferent until she gets to know them. We think that she would do well with another dog her age and energ [...]

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