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Kasey 6-7 year old male Aussie mix

Easy, sweet boy that only wants to please you. He loves cuddles & pets, totally a gentleman in the home, Perfect passengers in a vehicle & when called, he usually comes loping along. No special concerns - only loves to be close & very perceptive of any commotion. Not a fan of fireworks or loud vehicle. Kasey gets along with other dogs and respectful kids. He has not been exposed to cats so we don’t know how he’d do. Kasey is housebroken, crate trained and fully vetted. He is currentl [...]

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Jameson 7 month old male Border Collie mix

Jameson the party boy is ready to do whatever is in store. He loves playing, testing his skills on how quick he can cover short distances, and thinks tennis balls are pretty cool. He is a bit short on patience, I.e. ‘do I really have to sit for that treat’? Jameson aka Jame is sweet, likes to snuggle up for short periods of time, and working on house training. He is pretty confident and will continue to gain confidence with new experiences, patience, and love. Jameson is 75% housebroken, crate t [...]

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Paddy 7 month old male Border Collie mix

Please meet this cuddly, lover boy by the name of Paddy who is short on legs and long on shyness. Paddy is making big strides in widening his horizon of ‘things’ that are okay! He is friendly & playful with his foster buddies (no cat experience). Paddy has nice house manners, sits pretty for treats, and is working on house training. With guidance he readily zooms outside to potty. Paddy knows when it is sleep time & marches to his bed and nary a word the entire night, and he is thrilled [...]

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OMH!! Oscar Meyer Heeler 8 month old male ACD

My Heeler has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R. My Heeler has a second name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R. Oh he loves to play everyday, and if you ask us Oh we’ll say, Cause' Oscar Mayer has a way with bringing joy to everyday!!!! Oh My Heavens!! We can’t get enough of this fabulous, goofy young man who loves adventure, people of all sorts and dog his size or bigger. He tends to be too pushy with the smaller dogs in his foster home so we don’t recommend smaller dogs or cats. Oscar enjoys swimming, ball chasing a [...]

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Ludwag Von Beethoven 1.5 year old male DEAF ACD ADOPTED

We just call him “little man” since he can’t hear us anyway. Ludwag moves to the orchestra in his head and if you play along you can too. He’s a sweet little guy who gets along with everyone he meets. He’s shown a real love for kids as he’s all wiggles n kisses whenever he sees them out n about. He lives with 8 other dogs and has met several others since being in foster care and has gotten along with all of them. He was introduced to cats while at the shelter and gave no mind to them so should b [...]

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Cielo 1 yr old female ACD ADOPTED

This young lady is not only beautiful on the outside but she has the biggest heart and she adores everyone. She's still a puppy with all the funny, lovely, obnoxious puppy traits. She is a diva and like any self-respecting diva, she LOVES shoes! This, of course, can get her into hot water with her foster family who are working with her to understand what an appropriate chew toy is and what is not. When reprimanded, she will become embarrassed and will apologize immediately. Cielo is a submissive [...]

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Saxon 1 year old male Hound mix ADOPTED

When we first saw Saxon we thought he might be an ACD mix but really he’s very much a hound dog and is better described as a lumbering goof. He loves to be outside, and has been a great hiking buddy. Sax is great with other dogs and loves a good backyard play session with his other foster siblings. He is sweet and when given enough exercise is a pretty mellow dude. Saxon is a little bit quirky and is looking for a more laid back home and someone who will be patient with him. Saxon can take a lit [...]

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Yam 4 month old ACD mix ADOPTED

High-carb and crispy on the outside, soft, warm, and comforting on the inside; everyone loves Tater Tots! Yam’s the black and tan female of the group loves to chew on her puppy toys and snuggle up to her brothers when she’s sleepy. She is delightfully mischievous and was the first to find the doggy door. Though Yam is the smallest of the litter by quite a bit and likely will be petite like her mom, she is leadership material. She is one of three born to a petite, 30 lbs, blue heeler named Sweet [...]

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Russet 4 month old ACD mix ADOPTED

High-carb and crispy on the outside, soft, warm, and comforting on the inside; everyone loves Tater Tots! He’s the black male with the piqued ears and a white stripe down his nose is the one with the most emotional intelligence. Russet will be that dog who rests his paw gently on your shoulder when you’ve come home from a “ruff” day and need a good listener. He loves his people snuggles and likes to show you his soft side. He’s is one of three born to a petite, 30 lbs, blue heeler named Sweet Po [...]

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Yukon 4 month old ACD mix ADOPTED

High-carb and crispy on the outside, soft, warm, and comforting on the inside; everyone loves Tater Tots! He’s the black male puppy with floppy ears and disbursed brown markings. Yukon is also the biggest goofball of the litter. Yukon’s temperament seems to have Labrador qualities, plus he plays hard and sleeps it off quickly. He is the first puppy to find an escape when he’s confined, but only because he really wants to nestle himself in his person’s arms or look for some action. He’s is one of [...]

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